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Marquette Men’s Lacrosse Wins After A Big 1st Quarter Against Providence

Can you win a game after you lead by eight goals at the end of 15 minutes? On Saturday, the answer was yes!

Bobby O’Grady
Bobby O’Grady shredded Providence to the tune of six goals and an assist on Saturday afternoon.
Marquette University

To a certain extent, Marquette men’s lacrosse ended their Big East opener against Providence in the first five minutes of the game.

Devon Cowan made his return to the lineup for the Golden Eagles against the Friars, and it took him 119 whole seconds before he made his presence felt with the first goal of the game.

Then, Bobby O’Grady, 22 seconds later.

Then, David Lamarca — yes, starting defenseman David Lamarca — 13 seconds later.

Then, faceoff man Luke Williams by himself six seconds after that.

Hayden Miller, 31 seconds later.

Luke Blanc, exactly 10 minutes left in the first quarter.

6-0 Marquette, five minutes played. Six goals in 181 seconds.

Providence had the ball for a total of 110 seconds in the first five minutes of the game. PC didn’t get their third possession of the game until the 9:28 mark of the first quarter, trailing 6-0.

The Friars broke the run at six, and it took them over five minutes past MU’s sixth goal to do it. Marquette took grave offense to this, and then scored three times in the final three minutes of the quarter to make it — and this is not a joke — 9-1 at the end of 15 minutes. MU burned five minutes off the clock to open up the second, and Bobby O’Grady’s third straight goal and fourth of the game and second straight man-up goal made it 10-1.

With 39:48 left to play in the game.

As it turns out, this game was over. Marquette just had to guide this plane in from here. Yes, obviously, the Golden Eagles needed to execute to do it. They did that. It was 11-3 at halftime. Pierce Washburn made it 12-3 to break the ice on the second half. Marquette scored three straight goals in less than a minute late in the third to make it a 15-5 game.

Did it kind of go sideways on MU after that? Sure, if you want to panic about Providence outscoring Marquette 6-1 in the final 17 minutes of the game, go nuts. It was 16-8 with five minutes to go, so did it matter that PC got three more goals in the final five minutes? Head coach Andrew Stimmel will probably say a lot of “this is what coaches say” things about it, but did it matter? Not even in the slightest. Marquette wins, 16-11, for their third win of the season and a perfect 1-0 mark to open up Big East action.

Bobby O’Grady was absolutely ridiculous in this one, and you thought that when I told you that he had four goals. The freshman attackman finished with six goals, and he tacked on an assist to the top of the pile to beat out Devon Cowan for the team lead in points. Cowan put up trios in goals and assists in his first outing since March 1st to land one point behind O’Grady. Four different Golden Eagles had at least two points in this one, which is the kind of thing you expect to happen when you post your season high in goals for a game before the game reaches halftime.

Luke Williams crushed it on faceoffs, which you guessed from seeing MU score all those rapid fire goals early without PC even getting possession of the ball, going 18-for-28 on the dot and scooping up a team high eight ground balls to himself along the way. David Lamarca and fellow defender Mason Woodward tied for the team high in GBs amongst field players with seven.

While it’s clear that the offense did a whole hell of a lot to win this game for Marquette, Michael Allieri will be heard from here. The redshirt freshman goalie made 14 saves in this game, including eight in the first half as the Golden Eagles were pouring it on in the offensive end. It’s one thing to be absolutely electric with the ball on the attack, it’s another thing to be doing that while knowing that if you make a mistake, your guy in the cage on the other end is standing on his head to back you up.

Here’s a two minute highlight reel courtesy of and FloSports.

Up Next: Marquette will try to make it 2-0 in Big East action next week Saturday. That one means a road game, and they’ll be visiting St. John’s for an 11:30 am Central time start, with FloSports carrying the stream. The Johnnies are just 2-8 on the season after getting shelled 22-9 by #19 Villanova in their league opener on Saturday.