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Justin Lewis Squashes Rumors Started By Justin Lewis

Look, I’m writing it up and I barely believe it happened.

Butler v Marquette Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

The biggest question of the offseason for Marquette men’s basketball was always going to be what Justin Lewis decided to do with his future. The Baltimore native was already drawing attention from NBA scouts as a freshman, and all his sophomore season in Milwaukee did was raise awareness of what exactly he can do on the court.

It’s probably a safe bet that Lewis would be drafted somewhere if he declares for the NBA Draft.... but it’s probably not going to be in the first round. That’s the catch, as only the first round has those guaranteed contracts. You can still get a team to guarantee you a deal in the second round, but you’re taking a chance as to whether or not you’re actually going to be on an NBA roster if you’re not a sure fire first round pick.

Cast all of that against the advantages of being a Preseason All-Big East honoree and a strong candidate for Preseason Player of the Year and what the name, image, and likeness possibilities are for a guy like that, and, well, you can just as easily see why Lewis could just as likely leave for the pros or come back for his junior year.

That brings us to Saturday afternoon when Lewis fired up his Instagram account and turned on the Live functionality..... and answered a question put to him in the comments.

“Yeah, I’m staying at MU.” Clear as day, it’s definitely him, it’s definitely his account.

It was only a matter of time before Justin Lewis weighed in on what Justin Lewis said in that live streaming video, though. Justin Lewis made it very clear that Justin Lewis has no idea what Justin Lewis is talking about and that Justin Lewis definitely does not speak for Justin Lewis when it comes to Justin Lewis’ future.

Back to square one, I suppose.

Justin Lewis has until April 24th to make a decision one way or another. That’s the NBA’s deadline for players who have not yet exhausted their NCAA eligibility to declare themselves available for the draft. If he does eventually enter his name into the process — which is actually a key component to getting an official scouting breakdown from NBA teams as I understand it — Lewis would have until June 1st to remove himself from the draft process and still be able to return to Marquette for another season.

And so we wait, although I have a sneaking suspicion that whatever all that was will end up prompting things along sooner rather than later.