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The Marquette Men’s Lacrosse Single Season Points Chart

Bobby O’Grady had a whole mess of points as a freshman in 2022. What’s next?

Bobby O’Grady
Bobby O’Grady had the 4th best points season in MU history as a freshman with a constantly rotating cast of characters in 2022. What can he do next?
Marquette University

By now, you should be more than familiar with our series of regularly updating leaderboards for various Marquette Golden Eagles sports accomplishments. Keep checking back to that link in the previous sentence for our charts as the seasons continue to churn through history and MU’s various teams continue to create new memories and accomplishments.

Here, we take a look at the single season points record for men’s lacrosse.

The single season points record did not fall in 2022, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. Freshman Bobby O’Grady tallied up 50 points to lead the team in scoring, which was neat unto itself. Other reasons why it was neat: It was just the fourth 40+ point season in Marquette lacrosse history as well as the fourth 50+ point season in MU history. Yeah, it’s a little weird that the top 10 list jumps from a three-way tie at 39 points to O’Grady’s 50, but it’s important to remember that totaling up 45 points in a season essentially requires a player to average three points a game, and that’s actually pretty hard to do. It’s probably not a coincidence that Marquette’s other three 50 point seasons came in years where the Golden Eagles played 16 games and McNamara’s all-time record happened in the first year MU played in both the Big East title game and the NCAA tournament.

One of the more impressive parts of what Bobby O’Grady did this season is the relative lack of support he had, or at the very least the lack of game-in/game-out support. The #2 guy in points, Devon Cowan, tallied up 29 points while missing four games. #3? Will Foster missed one game and didn’t start in two more. Jake Stegman, coming in at #4? Didn’t start in two games this season. Luke Blanc, MU’s final 20 point scorer? Coming off the bench more than he started. There’s a real chance that Bobby O’Grady wasn’t 100% sure who was on the field with him at any random point of this season because it was varying from week to week, and with the number of injuries that the Golden Eagles suffered as the year went on, there was more than a few games where the lineup changed during games.

With that in mind, we have to wonder what O’Grady might be capable of next season. After all, he was only a freshman this season, so there was a certain amount of “hey, wait, can I actually do this like this at this level?” to his season. Combine that with a (hopefully) healthy set of teammates from beginning to end, and I’d say there’s a pretty decent chance that O’Grady could take a run at Ryan McNamara’s record of 57 points in a season. That’s one of the fun parts of having a program that’s only 10 years old: We get to see record after record fall over and over again, because there’s always going to be someone new coming along to stand on the shoulders of giants.

Here’s what the chart looks like at the end of the 2022 season.

Marquette Men’s Lacrosse Single Season Points

Rank Player Season Points
Rank Player Season Points
1 Ryan McNamara 2016 57
2 Jordan Greenfield 2015 52
3 Tyler Melnyk 2014 51
4 Bobby O'Grady 2022 50
5 Conor Gately 2015 39
6 John Wagner 2019 39
7 John Wagner 2018 39
8 Devon Cowan 2021 38
9 Tyler Melnyk 2013 38
10 Tanner Thomson 2019 38