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An Updated Marquette Basketball Roster Lets Us Talk About New Heights And Weights

Well, okay, mostly weights, it seems.

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O-Max is now the heaviest guy on the team.
Ebony Cox / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK

Shouts to Charlie Weber, noted Friend Of The Show, who reached out on the Twitter machine on Tuesday with a very helpful update about Marquette men’s basketball.

Never hurts to add a Ghostbusters reference to your tweet, by the way.

Updates come fast and furious, though, and since Charlie noticed the change, the walk-ons have been added to the roster, in case you’re interested in that kind of thing.

For our purposes, though, what we’re most interested in after learning about the new uniform numbers the other day is heights and weights! You can understand how a basketball program would just worry about measuring their players once and then not worry about updating things for the rest of the season. As such, when there’s a roster update, there’s a chance that we’ll learn how strength and conditioning training has been going for the last year.

For the freshmen, we get an official measurement from MU as to how big the guys actually are heading into their first year of college hoops. I don’t think anyone would be shocked to find out that a high school or grassroots coach miiiiiiiight be ever so slightly exaggerating on the height or weight of their players to help them get recruited. It wouldn’t be a shock to see Marquette lean one way or another either, especially since it is awfully coincidental that every single player on the roster has a weight land on a 0 or a 5 for the last digit, but at least we get a mostly honest read on things.

Anyway, let’s just dive in to see what’s new. For the freshmen and grad transfer Zach Wrightsil, we’ll be comparing them against what we found as the listed measurements when the guys committed. For everyone else, it’s a comparison to last year’s roster. Going in numerical order on the 2022-23 roster, then....

#1 — Kam Jones

Then: 6’4”, 185 pounds
Now: 6’4”, 195 pounds

#2 — Emarion Ellis

Then: 6’5”, 185 pounds
Now: 6’5”, 200 pounds

#4 — Stevie Mitchell

Then: 6’2”, 190 pounds
Now: 6’2”, 195 pounds

#5 — Chase Ross

Then: 6’4”, 185 pounds
Now: 6’4”, 195 pounds

#10 — Zach Wrightsil

Then: 6’7”, 205 pounds
Now: 6’7”, 215 pounds

#12 — Olivier-Maxence Prosper

Then: 6’8”, 220 pounds
Now: 6’8”, 230 pounds

#21 — Ben Gold

Then: 6’11”, total mystery on weight
Now: 6’11”, 220 pounds

#22 — Sean Jones

Then: 5’10”, 170 pounds
Now: 5’10”, 175 pounds

#23 — David Joplin

Then: 6’7”, 215 pounds
Now: 6’7”, 220 pounds

#40 — Keeyan Itejere

Then: 6’9”, 205 pounds
Now: 6’9”, 215 pounds

No Changes: Tyler Kolek, Oso Ighodaro

For the new guys, the most notable one is Ben Gold. That’s a gimme, as we didn’t actually track down a weight for him when he committed. Knowing that he’s 220 pounds and the heaviest big man on the team now is actually really important and useful information when it comes to trying to figure out how much he may or may not play this season.

I am curious about Zach Wrightsil’s weight gain. 10 pounds isn’t much, and that’s honestly explainable by a devotion to weight training over the past year. We also don’t know exactly what Shaka Smart’s plan is for the NAIA Player of the Year when it comes to next season, but if he’s going to try to have Wrightsil playing some small ball 5, then that extra 10 pounds is going to make a world of difference.

David Joplin’s teeny weight gain is fascinating relative to the focus on his conditioning levels at the start of last season. That may just be entirely attributed to adding muscle mass while getting in better shape, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Keeyan Itejere adding 10 pounds is good, especially since he’s now the exact same height and weight as Oso Ighodaro. MU’s presumptive starting center hasn’t changed at all since last season’s measurements, which probably tells us a lot more about his genetic predisposition to gaining weight than anything else.

Anything look super interesting or important to you? Shout it out in the comments!