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Marquette Opened Up Contact With The Class Of 2024 With Some New Scholarship Offers

I think it’s safe to say that these are the most notable names on Marquette’s list of the guys who just finished their sophomore year.

HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL: JUN 07 Pangos All-American Camp
Will James Brown be Mr. Dynamite for Marquette in 2024?
Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NCAA’s recruiting calendar says that men’s basketball coaches can start initiating contact with players that just ended their sophomore years on June 15th. As such, the middle of June is always a big time for new recruiting information. Not only do we get a infodump of first day contacts with a new crop of prospects — in this year’s case, it’s the Class of 2024 — but we also get a bunch of new scholarship offers. After all, it’s much easier to offer a scholarship when you’re the one getting the high school kid on the phone.

Anyway, let’s jump right on in to the list of 2024 guys that Marquette head coach Shaka Smart and his staff prioritized with scholarship offers for the first day of contact with the recruiting class. We’ll stop on off for a look at the scholarship chart real quick first…..

These are guys in the Class of 2024, so we’re looking at potential replacements for Oso Ighodaro, Tyler Kolek, and Olivier-Maxence Prosper. Maybe. Those guys will still have COVID bonus years that they could choose to spend at Marquette. Keep that in mind as we rummage around here.

James Brown

This is an offer that I’m kind of surprised that the staff waited til Wednesday to make. Brown’s high school, St. Rita’s in Chicago, was part of the team camp that Marquette ran this past weekend, so that’s a perfect opportunity to pull a guy aside and say “hey, we’d like to see you wearing our uniform in a couple of years.”

Anyway, Brown is listed as a 6’9”, 210 pound center by 247 Sports. He is currently ranked as the #27 prospect in the country by the 247 Composite system. Yes, that high. That makes him the #5 center in the nation and the top prospect in the state of Illinois.

Here’s a scouting report from the Chicago Sun-Times from just a couple of days ago:

With college-ready size, coordination and mobility, Brown is a valuable commodity as a true big man prospect. He has a chance to be a force as he gets physically stronger,

The hands, promising footwork and touch he displays make him effective around the basket as he’s capable of finishing with both hands.

I tracked down this video clip from last summer of a grassroots game between Brown’s Mac Irvin Fire squad and a team with one of his high school teammates. You’re watching #23 in white, for the record.

Nojus Indrusaitis

As luck would have it, Indrusaitis is grassroots teammates with James Brown and will be high school teammates with him this fall, too. Expect to see a lot of Marquette coaches watching Meanstreets playing this summer. The 6’4”, 170 pound shooting guard is not ranked in the 247 Sports Composite at the moment, but it appears that’s more about other recruiting services not putting a number on him yet. Indrusaitis is ranked #50 in the country in 247’s internal system, which makes him the #14 shooting guard prospect and the #3 prospect in Illinois behind Brown and fellow St. Rita teammate Morez Johnson. He’s already committed to Illinois, so don’t too many wild ideas in your head, y’all.

The Chicago Sun-Times was very helpful when it comes to information on Indrusaitis in that same article where we got a scouting report on Brown. At Lemont High School, on Chicago’s southwest side, he averaged 19 points a game as a freshman and followed that up with 21.6 points and six rebounds a night as a sophomore. Here’s the scouting report:

Although he’s not elite athletically, Indrusaitis plays with feel and instincts. And he already has a veteran skill set, including shot-making ability. He is comfortable shooting and scoring from all areas of the floor.

Those all-around offensive strengths, together with his good perimeter size, make him a high-major prospect.

If you’re “not elite athletically” but still a top 50 prospect, you’re probably a heck of a scrapper as well, and you can see how that might be of interest to Shaka Smart.

Here’s three minutes of highlights that were just posted in late May.

Donavan Freeman

I have been kind of expecting Shaka Smart to not spend a lot of time chasing down elite prospect as Marquette’s head coach. It just doesn’t seem to fit the model of what he’s talking about when he talks about finding the next Golden Eagles.

And yet.

Here we are with our third straight prospect ranked in the top 50 of the 247 Sports Composite system. Freeman, listed as a 6’8”, 190 pound power forward, is currently ranked as the #25 prospect in the entire country. That has him as the #4 power forward and the #1 prospect in the District of Columbia, where he attends St. John’s High School.

In mid-May, he talked to Rivals about how his recruiting was going so far, and he had this self-scout on his game:

“I’m very versatile and play hard. I like getting my teammates involved and also scoring. I talk trash a little bit, but not too bad. Next thing is my ball handling. If I can become even better at that, it’s going to separate me from a l;ot of other guys in my class.”

Here’s a highlight reel from a DeMatha/St. John’s game this past winter, I believe you’re watching #0 in red.

Luke Bamgboye

We’re sticking in the 247 Sports top 75 here, as Bamgboye currently ranks #63 in the Composite system. The 6’10”, 190 pound center from eastern Maryland rates as a four-star prospect at the moment, as well as the #8 center in the country and the #6 prospect in the state. 247 only lists Towson has having given Bamgboye an offer, but just on the 15th alone, he announced offers on Twitter from Houston, Maryland, and Kansas State along with the nod from Shaka Smart.

Bamgboye took part in the Under Armour Future 60 camp recently, and 247 Sports was there to take a look at the participants. Here’s what they said about him:

Team Thrill’s Luke Bamgboye also made his presence felt on Saturday. He is just in the early stages of developing his frame and building up his body, but his combination of mobility and athleticism at his size is immediately noticeable, and he has the motor to maximize both.

Bamgboye is extremely active on both ends of the floor. He changes ends with long, bouncy strides and gets off his feet quickly as both a finisher and shot-blocker. He should have extreme long-term potential defensively and showed flashes of being able to make some quick face-up plays offensively too.

His club team put up this video of Bamgboye in action back in February.