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Marquette Wrecks Utah Tech

Is five goals in a half good? Asking for a group of friends.

Lukas Sunesson and Brooklyn Merl
Sure looks like this is Lukas Sunesson (L) and Brooklyn Merl finishing up Merl’s second goal of the game, based on how that one went.
Marquette University

I was unable to watch Sunday’s Marquette men’s soccer match live when it started, which led to me looking at the clock and saying “oh, hey, match already started” and pulling up the live stats on my phone.

It was 2-1 Marquette.

In the ninth minute.

As I looked at my phone and said “oh dang,” the scored changed.

To 3-1 Marquette. In the 12th minute.

So, yeah, it was a wild one in the sun and humidity at Valley Fields, wild in the fun way, and at the end of 90 minutes, Marquette picked up the win with a final score of 6-1 over Utah Tech. The Golden Eagles are now 1-1-0 on the year after their season opening loss to Tulsa on Thursday evening.

Okay, so seeing as Marquette outshot UT 24-6 by the final horn, the margin on the scoreboard was indicative of how the game went, but also the game was kind of bananas for the first 12 minutes as four of the six total shots in the game went in the net. Here’s Zyan Andrade opening things up less than 120 seconds in:

Honestly, the assist by Pare is almost more impressive than Andrade getting underneath it to knock it in. Look at that pop up pass tight into the net as he twists around the defender! That’s nuts!

About a minute later, Beto Soto had a shot saved by Utah Tech keeper Cuba Grant, which is an awesome name, and less than 90 seconds after that, the Trailblazers knotted the match at one each. No video exists, at least not that I’m aware of, as the FloFC feed went out for a while, and the replay picks up after Tech’s goal. Their description of it on their website credits sloppy play by Marquette’s backline and heads up action by Lucas Rogers to tip a backpass into the net.

So the match is 4:30 old and there are two goals. Amazingly, it took twice that amount of time for the next goal to come in, and it went to Pare to add to his point total on the day.

That looks like bad luck on the defender’s part as he did tip it away from Pare, but he also tipped it straight up into Pare’s head thus allowing his run to continue. At that point, all the LSU Shreveport transfer had to do was get the keeper to commit to a defensive decision.

Onwards to the 12th minute, where super senior Lukas Sunesson made his presence felt.

It’s a great defensive play at midfield to take possession and superb heads up play by Alex Mirsberger to slot the pass directly to Sunesson’s feet to give him a chance to essentially turn and fire. Great work all around by everyone!

FINALLY the match calmed down. Mathematically speaking, it had to, because four total goals in less than 12 minutes is bonkers.

Still, Marquette’s fourth came before the half hour mark, and it was Andrade saying “hey, Karim, I’m not letting you lead this match in points.”

And shouts to Mitar Mitrovic for sacrificing his body to get the ball to Andrade for the strike.

Marquette was somehow not done in this half. Brooklyn Merl, a graduate student coming in from Germany, scored his first goal in a Marquette uniform in the 44th minute. No clip of that one, but it’s in the replay. Yet again, a great turnover created at midfield and one hell of a twisting pass by Noah Madrigal to throw it out in front of Merl to give him a chance to slot it home.

5-1 at the intermission, and Marquette holding a 10-5 lead in shots and holding the Trailblazers to just one shot after Andrade’s second goal in the 25th minute.

The second half was all Marquette all the way as they outshot Utah Tech 14-1 even while holding a 5-1 lead and could then, in theory, just play keep away for 45 minutes and win. No goals for most of the time, although backup keeper Jacob Zimmerman had to make four saves just to keep things at a four goal margin.

Merl pulled himself even with Andrade in the goals department in the 84th minute, helped out by Sunesson and Mitrovic to make it 6-1.

Outstanding play by Mitrovic to gain possession at midfield, great work to get it to Sunesson, and the captain took advantage of the keeper being drawn to him to set up his new teammate for his second goal of the game instead of forcing a shot of his own.

After that early flub, keeper Ludvig Malberg made two saves, one in each half, to keep Utah Tech to just one goal in the match. While MU’s field players obviously did a lot of work to help him out by limiting them to just six total shots, Malberg needed a good recovery game after allowing four goals against Tulsa on Thursday. It certainly looks like he’s going to be Marquette’s keeper as the season goes along since he got the first two starts, but I guess we’ll see what happens there.

Up Next: Just one match for the Golden Eagles over the next week. It’ll be a Friday night home date, and they’ll be renewing an Old Big East rivalry along the way. South Florida will come to town for a 7pm Central time kickoff at Valley Fields. The Bulls are 0-1-1 so far this season with a scoreless draw at home against Florida Gulf Coast and a 1-0 loss at #24 North Carolina. USF was picked to finish sixth in the AAC this season, where Tulsa is the favorite.