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Marquette Volleyball: Holding Strong At #19

It’s the third straight week in the exact same spot in the top 20 for the Golden Eagles.

Samantha Naber
Samantha Naber is fired up about this national ranking.
Marquette University

New Monday, new AVCA women’s college volleyball top 25 poll!

Marquette volleyball is the #19 team in the country, and no that is not a repeat printout from last week or even the week before that, either. Last week the Golden Eagles were #19 in the country with 489 points. This week, they are #19 with 470 points. It’s not great, but if you’re not moving, that’s fine.

As it turns out, MU is just one spot away from surpassing Kentucky, the preseason SEC favorite that the Golden Eagles beat in the season opener. The Wildcats are now the #18 team in the country with 477 points, so that means that even though Marquette drifted back in total points, they were actually very close to moving up a spot in the poll. Pepperdine fell three spots in the rankings to end up at #20 this week behind the Golden Eagles with 444 points.

Wisconsin remains the best ranked team on Marquette’s schedule even though they fell from #6 last week to #8 this week. As of right now, the top 10 ranked Badgers are the only team to figure out how to defeat the Golden Eagles this season, so they should stay in the top 10 on that idea alone. We already mentioned Kentucky’s three spot drop to #18, but Creighton moved up a spot to #21 this week, which portends to make October 14th a very fun day for everyone involved.

You know what is kind of helping Marquette even though Kentucky is in a bit of a free fall? A 3-1 home win over LSU. The Tigers snagged 46 points in the voting this week to land in the Receiving Votes department. They did this thanks to a home win over then-#20 Arkansas and splitting a two match weekend trip to visit Kentucky with the Tigers winning in five on Saturday and losing in three on Sunday. Geaux Tigers, indeed.

Marquette returns to action with a pair of home dates this coming weekend to finally wrap up their 10 match homestand. It will be Connecticut (6-7, 0-2 Big East) on Friday night at 7pm Central followed by Providence (8-6, 0-2 Big East) on Saturday at 6pm. MU will only have six more home games after this weekend and won’t play a home date again until October 21st, so I highly recommend that you make it out to the McGuire Center to see your nationally ranked Golden Eagles.

You can check out the entire top 25 right here.