Operation: Save Georgetown Basketball

If you've looked at your tv anytime recently, you're most likely aware of The Patrick Ewing Situation. His loss against Villanova last night marks Ewing's twenty-fifth consecutive regular season loss to another Big East team. I believe that most of us in this business would refer to this as "bad." When asked about this, and also a statement from athletic director Lee Reed, Ewing said "it's not how many times you get knocked down, it's how many times you get up." I'd be willing to have faith in his words if he... you know... actually got up.

But, okay, you know, he's trying to focus on what's ahead and look for brighter futures. I can respect that, I suppose. Right now, what's in the Hoyas' future is a trip to Milwaukee, where they'll face our Marquette Golden Eagles in Fiserv Forum. Here at Marquette, we take our heckling very seriously, and what better way to channel some energy into supporting the Georgetown fanbase during this very trying time?

Back when G-Town played Butler (and lost 80-51, yikes) on Sunday, January 1, Hilltop Hoops went to the game with a sign. All of you game-goers out there know that this is very common fan behavior, and is even promoted by team management. Fiserv Forum has sign making tables in the building so you don't even have to go through the effort of getting your own poster board- hold onto this thought for later. Back to Hilltop's sign: it was beautifully constructed and even went the extra mile of being double sided. That's just great use of space. Look at it here on Twitter. I'm a big fan of free speech personally, and I have no notes. The sign is polite, brief, and gets the message across. Good job, buddy.

You'll see in the text of Hilltop's tweet that after eight and a half minutes of gameplay, arena security confiscated the sign. Reasonably asking why this happened, he was informed that someone from the floor requested it.

Uh, oh. Sounds like somebody's feelings got hurt.

Now, I could go on for another one hundred fifty words just clowning Patrick Ewing for taking the world's worst L, but I won't. I'm nice like that. Instead, let me introduce Operation: Save Georgetown Basketball.

Hey, that's the title of this post!

Okay, so you remember a couple paragraphs ago when I mentioned that Fiserv has sign making stations? And you know how the Hoyas are coming to Milwaukee on Saturday? Well, Patrick Ewing can't do anything about fans in Fiserv holding up their own "Save G Town B Ball" signs. Or, at the very least, I'd like to see him try, at which point I'll need an ambulance because I will be incapacitated on the ground from laughing so hard.

So, that's the idea. You could go out to your local crafts store and stock up on Sharpies and poster board before the game, or you can stop in at Fiserv and create your magnum opus there. Either way, I feel it's important to let our friends over at Casual Hoya and the greater Hoya fanbase know that we have their backs. After all, we were once in this position too.

As Anonymous Eagle's new and not-so-secret-anymore "social media intern," I implore you to go check out the lesser known Instagram account- because if you post a picture of you and your sign on Instagram stories before or during the game and tag us, I will personally be reposting them as they show up.

Thanks for the read, hope to see plenty of signs at the game! #FireEwing.