Manic & Unabashed BasketBall: Notre Dame vs Marquette

I have an idea for the Anonymous Eagle site. The premise is to recreate the group text experience while watching sports. The feeling on Twitter following #MUBB was a great game supplement, but I'm trying to ween myself off…

The below [comments/texts] are what I would've said/texted during the game:

A friend gave me great feedback from my prior effort - that my box score abbreviations pull attention from the message. Not to mention I set a very bad precedent of typing out a running box score for the game's biggest run with the previous post, which means I'm not going to attempt to log the 17 point run that started the game.

Buzzer Beaters (a post from Anonymous Eagle's game thread)

Brewtown Andy
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JUMP AROUND WITH RICK SMITHI think this is Rick’s first game of the year.
Brewtown Andy

or at least the first time they played Jump Around.
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I love group threads…I hope to participate in one someday. (That's a bastardized joke from The Office)… But fr (I think that's the younger generation's abbreviation for "for real") one of my favorite group texts is just me and three other friends. It's two Marquette Alumni and two Purdue alumni. We keep each other in check from not getting too high on our own supply. The only text of merit I sent during the game was the simple screen shot showing the score as 17–0.

Did Marquette win? (An attempt to provide a quick line to tell some stranger in an elevator who notices you're a fan and asks about the game… and also ground us to what's important: Victory)

  • Yes, Marquette won, scored the first 17 points of the game - but you should be asking if Gonzaga won.
  • If they are still trapped in the elevator with you and ask a follow up question - you can say that Marquette expects to be ranked #7 this week because Gonzaga lost.

Court-storming (a section for "outside the run")

  • RPW: There were zero Red Panda sightings in Milwaukee. The halftime entertainment was "Gymnastic Archery." As much as I love games on FOX, if this had been FS2's weird online stream, I could've seen a great "C-SPAN fly-on-the-wall" view of it.
  • I'm very happy that the game was a sellout, the team wore gold uniforms, and the game was on National "Big Boy" Television.
  • There are two things I'm hoping to accomplish with this effort. My wife would call it "manifesting" what I want from Marquette basketball. I want the program to give us regretful fans another chance to buy Jumpman Marquette Colorways and to to connect with everyone who'll be at the nearby bar after Marquette wins the National Championship.

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