Manic & Unabashed BasketBall: Lucky Number Seven

I have an idea for this site. The premise is share the group text experience (remember that "Relationships" is a tenet of the MU program) that exists on the Game Thread here on Anonymous Eagle while watching Marquette Basketball. The feeling on Twitter following #MUBB was a great game supplement, but I’m trying to ween myself off [there] and am actively recruiting for people to leave [there] to better pasture here.

The Marquette news of the early week is the new AP ranking (7). I’m more interested in the NET ranking that the selection committee uses because MU dropped a spot from 8 to 9 (Iowa State leapfrogged them). It’s way too early to have any sensible reaction to it ; I won’t sweat until that number gets beyond 12. Any seed four or worse is in the Danger Zone for a March upset.

Shouts at the TV (comments/texts I would’ve said/sent)

I’m the blue bubble, for you android contrarians (and pardon my iMessage spelling and grammar)

This above group text is comprised of two Marquette Alumni and two Purdue Alumni. The example I shared was shortly after both schools were recently upset. The logic behind is that any loss can feed into Shaka’s "Growth" pillar. I can’t help but remember in the 2003 run a loss at Notre Dame.

Marquette was just ranked #10, the best ranking since I started following them, and I went to South Bend to see them play on "Big Monday." Bill Walton was working the game and I was very excited. MU lost, the Irish student section chanted "O-VER-RA-TED" and I was gutted to the point my dad had to drive us home (I had driven us there).

Did Marquette win? (An attempt to provide a quick line to tell some stranger in an elevator who notices you’re a fan and asks about the game… and also ground us to what’s important: Victory)

Yeah, they won their last game last Saturday versus Notre Dame, and now they’re ranked #7 in the AP poll.

Another reason why I celebrate a high AP ranking (even though I prefer the NET), is that it keeps the program visible nationwide. For example, it keeps the name on any sports ticker that reports game scores.

Court-storming (a section for "outside the run")

  • I’m hoping more people go over the game thread on Anonymous Eagle, the more the merrier. Especailly for games I’m not at, there are important questions I want answered. If I hear that the Red Panda is in town, I might be able to drive the 90 miles to catch the performance.
  • There are two things I’m hoping to accomplish with this effort. My wife would call it "manifesting" what I want from Marquette basketball. I want the program to give us regretful fans another chance to buy Jumpman Marquette Colorways and to to connect with everyone who’ll be at the nearby bar after Marquette wins the National Championship.

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