Manic & Unabashed BasketBall: Texas vs Marquette

I have an idea for the Anonymous Eagle site. The premise is to recreate the group text experience while watching sports. The feeling on Twitter following #MUBB was a great game supplement, but I’m trying to ween myself off…

The below [comments/texts] are what I would’ve said/texted during this section of the game:

3:35 (1H) U4MT; Marquette 29–28
2:22 (1H) OAK; #13 Ighodaro made 2 point shot; Marquette 31–28 [1]
2:03 (1H) Violence: X (TX TO)
1:43 (1H) TMFK: #11 Kolek made 3 point shot; 34–28 Marquette
1:22 (1H) Violence: XX (TX TO) [2]
1:13 (1H) Growth: #2 Ross made 2 free throws; 36–28 Marquette
1:00 (1H) Violence: XXX KILL (TXTO)
0:56 (1H) Violence: XXXX (TXTO)
0:43 (1H) TMFK: #11 Kolek made 3 point shot; 39–28 Marquette [3]
0:11 (1H) Violence: XXXXX (MUDReb)
0:00 (1H) TMFK: #11 Kolek made 3 point shot; 42–28 Marquette [4]
Halftime: RPW; Marquette 42-28 [5]
19:52 (2H) Violence: XXXXXX SKUNK (MUDReb)

Buzzer Beaters (a post from Anonymous Eagle’s game thread)

Shouts at the TV (comments/texts I would've said/sent while watching the action)
  • [1] Since it happens a lot, I'm texting "Oak" to save character texting instead of "Oso assisted by Kolek."
  • [2] Is a jump ball that results in gaining possession a turnover? After it, TMFK yelled to the crowd. "He said ‘Let’s go’ and another word I couldn’t make out" — Jason Benetti, the best commentator in sports
  • [3] I dunno what happened, couldn’t tell it on the replay, but I think Bill Rafferty got an erection on a TMFK dribble.
  • [4] I’ve heard someone on Scrambled Eggs mention they pick a different player to watch on specific replays, which I also love. Kam’s dance that started before the TMFK-3 was quite fun.
  • [5] Red Panda Watch. I'm not at the game, does anyone know the halftime entertainment?

Did Marquette win? (An attempt to provide a quick line to tell some stranger in an elevator who notices you’re a fan and asks about the game… and also ground us to what’s important: Victory)

Yes, Marquette won by 20 and looked like a top ten team that they are currently ranked.

Court-storming (a section for "outside the run")
  • There was a thunderdunk by Onyema in which his follow through (feet) ended up kicking the ball into the student section! No doubt, if I wasa student in that section I’d be crying for a tech with the rest of’em… But the ref just blew his whistle and effectively told Onyema to just chill. We love to remark on bad officiating, but let’s recognize when one does something good.
  • There are two things I’m hoping to accomplish with this effort. My wife would call it "manifesting" what I want from Marquette basketball. I want the program to give us regretful fans another chance to buy Jumpman Marquette Colorways and to to connect with everyone who’ll be at the nearby bar after Marquette wins the National Championship.
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