Manic & Unabashed BasketBall: Relationships, Growth, Acronyms

After great feedback from a friend I met my freshman year in McCormick Hall [1]...

[1] I might have lost readers who didn’t want to scroll to and from the footnotes.

  • U4MT: "Under 4:00 Media Timeout" refers to the automatic timeouts embedded in the game to allow for TV/Radio advertisements. They occur in both halves at after 16, 12, 8, and 4 minutes remaining in the half. It’s a great way to divide the game, but is preventing a long overdue change to the game — a move to four quarters from two halves. The WNBA, NBA, Women’s NCAA, and FIBA all use four quarters. The only people who prefer the two-half system are advertising majors and free throw enthusiasts.
  • OAK: I just think it’s a fun pun — to refer to Marquette’s strong duo of Ighodaro & Kolek as "oak." It’s the foundation, or trunk, of what makes the team great. Will it catch on as well as the "Golden Bear" (a nickname for the Oso and Ben Gold duo)?
  • Kill: Three consecutive defensive stops, which is tracked with Xs on the scoreboard  —  is a "kill." It’s a KPI the team tracks. I love how this team prepares all business majors for how much they will be subjected to KPIs post graduation.
  • Growth: I wanted a fun way to use one of Shaka’s tenets to describe made free throws. Maybe it stems from my anxiety of whatever Marquette’s FT% is — I wish it was higher. Celebrate everything you get for free, I guess?
  • RPW: Once you’ve been to enough Marquette Games you realize there’s a halftime circuit of 20+ halftime entertainment acts. It’s a mix of kids playing to America’s Got Talent participants. The Red Panda act is… impossible to describe in less than 500 words… she’s on a freakin’ unicycle flipping bowls onto her head. I bet she’d be amazing at free throws.

Buzzer Beaters

Here’s another gem you’re missing by not being on the game thread:

"Why can't Texas get a coach like that??... " - blackoutsox

Shouts at the TV

Fox Original Recipe airs the game tonight (not FS1)! What’s it opposite? Dateline on NBC, Funny You Should Ask on CBS, and Lakers vs Pacers on ABC. That NBA game has a Game Watch with Kevin Heart over on ESPN2. Unless you have an infatuation with death — watch Marquette.

Did Marquette Win?

I texted my friends earlier this week that these games don’t matter. I’d rather lose now if the team learns something that will lead to wins in March and April… but let me personally tell you this Notre Dame game as the weight others place on games versus the school in Madison.


"Why can’t Texas get a coach like that??" — blackoutsox

Is this a thing? I’d appreicate any feedback in the comments (with a statement like that on the Internet, I hope I don’t end up as a Dateline episode).

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