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Marquette Men’s Basketball Returns To The AP Top 10

The Golden Eagles are back to #10 in the country after one week at #11.

Xavier v Marquette Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Our long national nightmare is over.

After one long excruciating and difficult week, YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles men’s basketball team is back in the Associated Press poll’s top 10 again!

Much like they were two weeks ago, Marquette is ranked #10 in the country in Monday’s brand new AP top 25. They had 815 points last week as the #11 team in the country, this week they have 968 points. Baylor stands at #9, same as they were a week ago, with 1,013 points, while Tennessee, with losses in four of their last six games, drops one spot to #11 with 887 points this week.

Scott Richey, hailing from The News-Gazette in Champaign, Illinois, is Marquette’s biggest supporter this week, leading the voters as the only person to put the Golden Eagles as high as #7 on his ballot. The majority of MU’s votes are between #8 and #12, with one vote each coming in at #13 and #14, and three people voted for Marquette at #15.

Purdue is on a bit of a skid right now, falling two spots to #5 in the country but still holding on to their spot as the best ranked team on Marquette’s schedule. The aforementioned Baylor squad comes in next at #9, and then we have to dip down to #16 to find another familiar face. That’s Xavier holding steady in their spot from last week even after losing in Milwaukee to Marquette. There are three more Big East teams in the top 25, and they all come in a row: Connecticut at #18, Creighton at #19, and Providence at #20. The Huskies are up two spots, the Bluejays are down one spot, and the Friars are up four spots.

Marquette returns to action on Tuesday night when they hit the road for the biggest showdown game left on the schedule. They’ll be in Omaha to face #19 Creighton with tipoff on FS1 scheduled for 7:30pm Central time.

You can check out the entire top 25 here, and see how everyone voted for Marquette right here.