Twenty Reasons Why I Love the Big East Semis

New York City- Twenty reasons why I love the Big East semifinals…

  1. We are in the World’s Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden..

  2. Traveling to the game the pulse quickens as you see fans sporting their team jerseys.

  3. Excitement builds filing into MSG.

  4. Watching teams in warmups, anticipation builds.

  5. Visiting with media colleagues not seen for a few weeks or months, a great time to exchange ideas and reconnect.

  6. Once the game starts, seeing how the respective coaches make their in-game adjustments.

  7. Noticing the different styles of the coaches. In dress and bench decorum. And execution of the game plan.

  8. Admiring how the respective coaches raised their programs to this level.

  9. Between halves and games, walking past the concessions and smelling the hot dogs on the grill. And beer being poured.

  10. The presence of the pep bands, cheerleaders and dance teams.

  11. The absolute devotion and spirit of the student sections.

  12. The basketball ‘royalty’ coming out to be part of this night.

  13. The incredible decibel level as a team makes a significant run.

  14. The alumni and fans getting into it as much as their school’s student sections.

  15. The emotion of the players and coaches in post game interviews.

  16. Unlimited coffee in the media room.

  17. Post game, fans filing out and beginning their celebration before exiting the Garden.

  18. The feeling of excitement if the game you witnessed qualifies as a ‘classic’.

  19. Fans on the street, of the winners, in their team gear still continuing the celebration.

  20. Friday night in March, New York City, MSG and the time honored historic Big East Tournament. Each year, a special night you are thankful to experience.