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I Have Given Up Trying To Figure Out The Inside Lacrosse Top 20 Voters

Because Marquette is clearly not a top 20 team but at least one person is voting for them.

Marquette Men’s Lacrosse Marquette University

On March 18th, Marquette men’s lacrosse beat then-#5 Penn State. I was a little surprised that a Golden Eagles team with a record of 4-3 was deserving of top 20 poll votes in the Inside Lacrosse rankings following that win, but they were earning the votes, and beating a top five team is impressive, so whatever, hooray for everyone.

Since then, Marquette has gone 2-3, including losses in three of their last four games and losses in both games they played since last week’s poll came out with MU still earning votes. Both losses were to ranked teams, with then-#6 Cornell smashing the Golden Eagles 21-11 in Ithaca, followed by then-#10 Georgetown squeaking out a 15-14 overtime victory at Valley Fields.

Marquette is 6-6 on the year and just 1-3 against teams that were ranked at the time of the game. For some reason, at least one IL poll voter is still throwing votes in MU’s direction. I don’t get it. We don’t have to pretend that this team is in the top quarter of the 70-whatever Division 1 teams in the country. It’s fine. I’m not being mean to anyone here. We can all look at Marquette’s wildly inconsistent results this season and agree on that. Well, apparently most of us can, because again, at least one person thinks they’re super neat and on the verge of an NCAA tournament bid.

Notre Dame remains the #1 team in the country this week and the top ranked team on Marquette’s schedule this season. Penn State is at #5, same as last week, and the same goes for Cornell at #6. Georgetown moved up one spot to #9 after beating Marquette, while Denver jumped up two spots from last week to #10 in the country. Villanova stayed steady at #13, Michigan dropped down three spots to #18, and Utah wandered their way into the top 20 in the last spot in the rankings.

Marquette returns to action this weekend when they hit the road to visit #13 Villanova. First draw on the Main Line is set for 11am Central time, and FloSports will have the streaming broadcast.

You can check out the entire top 25 right here.