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That’s What They Said: Royce Parham Commits To Marquette

Learn how cake fits into all of this.

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Marquette v Georgetown Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Top 100 big man Royce Parham committed to Marquette men’s basketball and head coach Shaka Smart earlier this week. That’s pretty neat, and if you didn’t catch our news article on Parham’s commitment, go check that out.

Let’s go take a spin around the internet real quick-like and snag some reactions and quotes about the newest member of MU’s 2024 recruiting class.

We’ll start with the commitment video that Parham put up on Instagram.

Feels like he could have a future in voiceover work with those dulcet tones.

Let’s go over to, as their Joe Tipton was the first person I saw tweet about Parham’s commitment:

“I chose Marquette because I saw it as the best option,” Parham said. “I loved all the coaches, the facilities, and staff. I was really able to bond with the players and just loved the whole program.”

What type of player is Marquette getting in Royce Parham, in his own words?

“Marquette is getting an all-around player who is a hard worker and a great leader.”

Ben Steele from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel provided us with some fun details on Parham’s career at North Hills High School:

Parham is a the type of versatile big man who fits the style of MU head coach Shaka Smart. Parham is comfortable posting up and also knocking down midrange shots, averaging 28.3 points and 10.6 rebounds per game as a junior for North Hills. He set a school record with 47 points in a game last season.

Mike White from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a fantastic look at Parham’s recruitment and specifically how he committed to the Golden Eagles:

When Marquette basketball coach Shaka Smart made a visit to the home of North Hills High School star Royce Parham last Wednesday, Parham’s mother had a cake made that had an image embedded in the icing of her son in a Marquette uniform, standing next to Smart.

But the icing on the cake for Smart came when Parham decided to speak up at one point during the visit.

As Smart and Marquette assistant coach Neill Berry munched on some food at the Parham family’s dining room table, Parham stood up at the head of the table.

“I’d like to say something,” Parham said. “What I’d like to say is that I have decided to commit to Marquette University.”

Yes, there is a picture of Parham, Smart, and Berry with the cake, and yes, the cake has the word “Committed” in the frosting. Shouts to the bakery for keeping the news under their hat.

White also notes that Parham will still be 17 when he arrives on Marquette’s campus next summer, as his 18th birthday won’t come along until July of 2024. He also snagged this quote from Parham about how he wants to fit into the program:

“I have to improve my handle 100%, and also my shot,” Parham said. “I see myself maybe being the type of player they have now with [6-9] Oso Ighodaro. ... I like how they have a plan for me for the future and how they see me playing and can impact the game.”

It’s incredibly early for these things, what with the signing period still a little more than six months away, buuuuuut we should point out that the commitment of Parham alongside Damarius Owens does move Marquette up to #8 in 247 Sports’ 2024 recruiting rankings. That makes them the best ranked Big East program, although that’s a low bar with Georgetown coming in at #2 and #17 in the country with Kayvaun Mulready moving his commitment along with Ed Cooley.... and no one else is in the top 30. Again: Still very early.

Let’s drop in the scholarship chart and we’ll get you out of here.