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Women’s Lacrosse Falls In The Big East Semifinals

But credit to them for making it interesting after falling behind 5-0 out of the gate

Lydia Foust
Lydia Foust tallied seven points against UConn, but that wasn’t enough to advance to the title game.
Ethan Mito/Clarkson Creative Photography/Marquette University

I’ll be honest with you: Noon Central time starts are not the most convenient thing in the world. That left me keeping an eye on the Big East semifinal between #2 seed Marquette and #3 seed Connecticut by way of live stats.

Further update: My checks on Ye Olde Live Stats got very intermittent after Marquette had possession for the first 12 seconds of the game, committed a turnover, and then didn’t touch the ball again until after the Huskies took a 4-0 lead in the next four minutes, then committed another turnover, and then gave up a fifth unanswered goal.

5-0 UConn, 8:06 to go in the first quarter.

5-3 at the end of the first quarter.

11-6 UConn at the end of the second quarter.

15-8 UConn after Lia LaPrise scored one of her two goals on the day with 4:33 to go in the third quarter.

And then.






15-15, 10:52 to play.

Seven straight goals by the Golden Eagles, all in just under five minutes of elapsed clock time.

But at the end of the day, it was too much of a ditch for Marquette to climb out of. They managed to turn it into a game for the final 10 minutes, but the Golden Eagles couldn’t find their way into the lead. The two sides traded goals just over a minute apart to keep it tied at 16 for the final five minutes and change, but with less than three minute to play, UConn’s Grace Coon scored her fourth and final goal of the game. Ultimately, that Coon goal was the only one that mattered on Friday afternoon, and when MU couldn’t find the net with their last possession with less than a minute to go, that was that.

Marquette drops to 15-3 overall this season as a result of the 17-16 loss. Their losses this season:

At home to then-#3, currently #1 Northwestern
At home to then-#3, currently #5 Denver
On the road/”at a neutral site” to #24 UConn

That’s it.

Up Next: With no more games to be played, Marquette will have to wait for the NCAA tournament selection show. That will be on Sunday night at 8pm Central time, and ESPNU will have the broadcast.