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Here’s A (Probably Incomplete) Rundown Of Class Of 2025 Recruits Marquette Men’s Basketball Contacted

June 15th was the start of the contact period, and yep, Shaka Smart and his staff were hard at work getting in touch with potential new Golden Eagles.

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“Y’all seen my Coach Of The Year trophy?”
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As is the case every year, June 15th is the first day that men’s college basketball coaches can initiate contact with prospects that have just finished their sophomore year of high school. This year, that’s the Class of 2025, and yep, as you’d expect, there’s a whole bunch of guys that Marquette head coach Shaka Smart and his staff made a priority to contact as soon as the recruiting period started.

There’s a lot of guys on the list, at least according to the available Twitter information out there, so let’s get to it. One important note here: None of these guys were offered a scholarship over the past few days. Some of them already have an offer from Marquette, and we’ll note those guys as we go along.

Before we get going, I want to drop in the scholarship chart just so everyone sees what the 2025-26 roster currently looks like, since that would be the year that these guys would be freshmen.

Here we go!

Amari Evans

Evans picked up a scholarship offer from Marquette in early May, so no shock that the coaching staff got in touch with him again early. 247 Sports lists him as a 6’4” combo guard from Pittsburgh, but he was at Our Savior Lutheran in The Bronx this past school year. He doesn’t have a rating or a rankin from 247 yet, but their Composite only goes out to #62 right now so that’s not a big surprise.

Trey McKenney

247 Sports lists McKenney as a 6’4” shooting guard from Michigan. He’s already a big deal in his recruiting class, as they rate him as a four star prospect and rank him at #22 internally and #29 in their Composite system.

Zymicah Wilkins

Wilkins fits the profile of a lot of Smart recruits that we’ve seen since he took over the program. 247 Sports has him as a 6’8”, 215 pound power forward hailing from North Carolina. There’s no rating or ranking from 247 Sports yet, but again, that’s not a problem at this point of the calendar.

EJ Mosley

The Made Hoops link in the tweet there lists Mosley as a 6’0”, 150 pound guard from Burbank, Illinois. I don’t seem to see a 247 Sports page for him, so this might be a situation where 1) Marquette is out in front of everyone else (and MU as the only high major on the list suggests that, too) and/or 2) Mosley just hasn’t been playing on grassroots teams that the 247 scouts have been watching yet just because of his age.

Braylon Mullins

No 247 Sports page for Mullins here, but again, we’re not going to worry about such things. He does have a MaxPreps page for his activity with his Greenfield-Central team in Indiana which lists him as a 6’5”, 170 pound shooting guard. That’s pretty good size for a high school shooting guard.

Nyk Lewis

Back to 247 Sports we go for the Washington, D.C. area prospect. He’s a 6’2” point guard for Gonzaga Prep, and he’s already deep into the national attention. 247 rates Lewis as a four-star prospect, and internally they rank him at #52 in the country. In the Composite? #33.

Kaden Magwood

In the era of more and more prep academies and so forth, there’s something warm and comforting to my brain about seeing a prospect from Oak Hill Academy. 247 Sports lists Magwood as a 6’2”, 160 pound point guard, but no ratings or rankings for him yet.

Jamarion Batemon

Can I interest you in a local prospect for the Golden Eagles? Bateman attends Milwaukee Academy of Science, which is right at 21st and Kilbourn, nearly right on MU’s campus. 247 Sports lists him as a 6’3”, 170 pound combo guard with no ratings or rankings at this point of the process.

Jasper Johnson

After a little Twitter Detective Work, I’ve figured out that the Jasper Johnson from Woodford County High School on 247 Sports for the Class of 2025 is the same one we’re talking about here. Yes, I know, how many Jasper Johnsons can there possibly be in one high school class, much less ones that are Division 1 prospects, but better safe than sorry. Anyway, the 6’4”, 170 pound combo guard is a five-star prospect in 247’s Composite system, coming in at #23 in the country. A glance at his Twitter page implies that it will be an uphill climb for Marquette to recruit him already.

Acaden Lewis

Yes, it’s another Lewis, and not only that, but it’s another Lewis from a notable prep school in Washington, D.C. Much like Nyk Lewis, Acaden Lewis is also a 6’2” guard, but 247 Sports has him as a combo guard instead of a point guard.

Jacob Ross

Guys with a 247 Sports profile like Ross’ always intrigue me. The 6’5”, 170 pound small forward from New York is a four-star prospect in the top 60 in the country in 247’s internal system. However, there aren’t enough other outfits giving Ross enough attention yet, so he’s not rated or ranked in the Composite as of the moment. Give it some time…

Derek Dixon

The 6’4”, 190 pound combo guard is also attending Gonzaga Prep in Washington, D.C., just like Nyk Lewis. Imagine how much time that the coaching staff gets to save by watching tape of Gonzaga vs Sidwell Friends! No rating or ranking for Dixon in the 247 Sports database yet.

Bradley Longcor

Longcor hails from Quincy, Illinois, which is definitely not “kind of local” for Marquette, as that’s along the Mississippi River just a little bit south of the Missouri/Iowa state line. He’s a 6’2”, 165 pound combo guard, and 247 Sports doesn’t have a rating or a ranking for him yet.

Barrett Loer

We have to shift over to MaxPreps for details on Loer, and that actually makes things a little bit complicated. MaxPreps has him as Class of 2024, but still at St. George’s. I suspect this is just a typo because a scroll through Loer’s Twitter going back to January lists him as Class of 2025 and playing with Middlesex Magic’s 16U team. That happens to be Tyler Kolek’s old club team, by the way. Anyway, he’s a 6’4”, 170 pound shooting guard, and it looks like he plays some attack and midfield for their lacrosse team, too. Might be worth passing his name over to Andrew Stimmel and his staff across the street just in case.

Devin Brown

I think it’s good that Marquette is keeping tabs on two players from Milwaukee Academy of Science. Brown is listed by 247 Sports as a 6’6”, 200 pound power forward, but if he stays at that size between now and the fall of 2025, he’s going to have to be a wing at Marquette if he ends up as a Golden Eagle. No ratings or rankings for him, but as always, that’s not a problem here.

Juan Guerrero Hernandez

Yes, that’s Grafton as in “just north of Milwaukee” Grafton, and if there are local guys that fit what Shaka Smart is trying to do, that’s fantastic news. 247 Sports lists him as a 6’3”, 165 pound combo guard with no ratings or rankings yet.

Semetri Carr

If that looks like a West Coast bias to his recruiting other than Marquette, you’re right. The 6’0”, 165 pound point guard attends The Branson School in Ross, California, which is just a bit north of San Francisco. 247 Sports doesn’t have a rating or a ranking for him at this point.

Nigel James

James snagged an offer from Marquette in late April as the spring club circuit got underway, so it’s clear that he’s a priority in this recruiting class right now. At that point, the Cushing Academy (same prep school as Chase Ross) point guard didn’t have a 247 Sports page, but he does now. They haven’t figured out a weight for him and they’re saying he’s 6’0” instead of the 6’2” I saw for him in April, but one step at a time. No ratings or rankings yet, but it’s early.

Mason Blackwood

Blackwood got his offer from Marquette in early April, so it’s clear that the Golden Eagles are invested in the 6’5”, 175 pound shooting guard who is attending prep school in New Hampshire. No ratings or rankings for him according to 247 Sports, but that was the case two months ago as well.

Gevonte Ware

“Big Man” is an interesting phrase here. I found an ESPN page for Ware, which lists him at 6’7” and 205 pounds. Prep Hoops has a page for him, listing him as a 6’8” power forward. MaxPreps has a page for him, listing him at 6’7”, but saying he plays small forward, power forward, and center. I’m not debating the idea that the North Carolinian plays like a big man… I’m just saying that even 6’8” and 200 pounds isn’t a Big Man in the Big East.

Elijah Lovemore

Prep Hoops lists Lovemore as a 6’2” shooting guard from Bloom High School in the south suburbs of Chicago. However, Lovemore’s own Twitter says he’s 6’3”, and there’s more than one retweet on his timeline that says he’s 6’4”.

Bryce Heard

The fun of listing these in chronological order as they came along last week means that waaaaaaay down here on the page we get to a top 50 guy. 247 Sports has the 6’5”, 180 pound shooting guard from Montverde Academy by way of Chicago as a four-star prospect. Internally, 247 ranks him #47 in the country, but the Composite boosts him up to #41.

Nick Jefferson

Jefferson is a point guard attending Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas. His MaxPreps page says that he’s six feet tall.

Davion Hannah

We wrap up with a double feature of fun. 247 Sports lists Hannah as a 6’5”, 180 pound small forward, but the other details are the fun part. First, he attends Nicolet High School, less than 10 miles north of the McGuire Center. Second, 247 says Hannah is a four-star prospect. They rank him #49 internally and #46 in the Composite. Hannah is the best prospect in the state of Wisconsin for the Class of 2025, just barely nudging ahead of Wauwatosa West’s Kai Rogers, who already has an offer from Marquette.