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Marquette Men’s Basketball Offers Scholarships To Josh Hill & Kelvin Odih

That’s a Class of 2024 and Class of 2025 offer, respectively.

Marquette v Georgetown Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Summer is a big time recruiting space for college basketball. Not only are classes out on campus, but there’s tons and tons of summer club league competitions going on all over the place. Thus, it’s not surprising to see new scholarship offers pop up.

Marquette men’s basketball has a pair of new offers that popped up in the last couple of days. We’ll go by recruiting class order, first with a Class of 2024 prospect and then a Class of 2025 prospect.

Josh Hill

As always, we have to discuss the difference between what we could call “reported heights” and “announced heights.” 247 Sports lists Hill, who attends Wheeler High School in Marietta, Georgia, as a 6’9”, 180 pound center. That’s pretty much right in the wheelhouse for the kind of big man that Marquette head coach Shaka Smart has shown to like during his time in Milwaukee. However, Hill’s own Twitter bio says that he’s 6’11” tall.... and it also lists him as a forward. In short, there’s a lot going on here.

There’s a lot going on in Hill’s scholarship offer situation, too. Scrolling back through his tweets, he picked up an offer from Seton Hall in May of 2022, and that was quickly followed by offers from Kansas State, Georgia, and Alabama. The offers kind of stopped completely after that, up until this past April, when Arizona State and Cal got involved. However, Hill’s two most recent offers before the Golden Eagles are Loyola Maryland and Mercer. I have a lot of questions about why Loyola and Mercer are getting involved if Hill has all of those high majors already offering scholarships, but I’m also not in charge of keeping track as to how up to date those offers actually are.

In any case, Hill got an up close and personal look at some of the best prep talent in the country this past season, as two of the 247 Sports Composite top 50 players were on the Wheeler roster. Isaiah Collier is headed to USC this fall as the #1 player in the Class of 2023, while Arrinten Page came in at #48, and will go with Collier to play for the Trojans. Jelani Hamilton was no slouch, and he’ll be at Iowa State as the #140 player in the country. Did Wheeler win a state title this past season? Yes! Did they need Hill to do a lot of work to make that happen? No! But if Hill is more of a wing/forward type player than a true big man, then his upside very clearly outstrips his current recruiting attention.

Kelvin Odih

Let’s start with this part of it: As recently as March of this year, the Boston Globe was referring to Odih as a high school junior. That would make him a Class of 2024 prospect. However, this same Globe article has the 6’4” guard at La Salle Academy in Rhode Island. Odih’s own Twitter bio changes things. His bio says he’s Class of 2025, and it also has him attending South Kent School, just barely east of the New York/Connecticut state line. Combine that with a source as trustworthy as New England Recruiting Report listing both of those things as well, and we’ll run with that being the current state of things.

Odih was already pretty good at the whole basketball thing before reclassifying. That Globe article says La Salle was 28-1 at the time after a win in the state quarterfinals. MaxPreps declared him to be the player of the year in the state of Rhode Island as he averaged 19.1 points, 11.4 rebounds, and 3.2 blocked shots (again, 6’4”) and in La Salle’s 31 games, he had a double-double in 15 of them.

The most fascinating piece of all of this? According to Odih’s own Twitter, Marquette is his third scholarship offer. Sacred Heart and Albany are the only other two, and Albany came through just two days before Marquette.

Can I interest you in a local TV news piece on Odih and La Salle?

Scholarship chart time!

No matter what happens with Oso Ighodaro and Tyler Kolek’s bonus years of eligibility, 2025 will be an important year for Marquette’s recruiting. It’s already pretty obvious that replacing Kam Jones, David Joplin, and Stevie Mitchell is going to be a lot for the Golden Eagles. If Ighodaro and/or Kolek return, then the slope gets even bigger.

That’s taking Odih into account. Hill’s recruitment is more interesting than that right now, as he’s a 2024 prospect. Marquette already has commitments from Damarius Owens and Royce Parham for that year and have two open scholarships to fill. There’s the possibility that those spots have to be held for Ighodaro and Kolek..... and also the fact that Marquette is apparently hard at work at bringing in Sir Mohammed, Isaiah Abraham, and Kon Knueppel for that class, too. The offer to Hill probably tells us a little bit more about the potential prospects than it does about the potential bonus years, but it’s something to keep an eye on going forward.