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Marquette Men’s Soccer Drops In The New National Rankings

The Golden Eagles fell 10 spots in the United Soccer Coaches poll and out of the Top Drawer Soccer list.

Marquette men’s soccer Marquette University

You lose one tiny match and the entire world just freaks out.

After Marquette men’s soccer dropped a 2-1 defeat to Creighton in their Big East opener last week, the two main ranking systems had something to say about the Golden Eagles taking their first loss of the 2023 season.

On Monday, Top Drawer Soccer updated their top 25 rankings, and Marquette has gone from #23 to completely out of the rankings. Seems harsh, but then again, Creighton has really been struggling with things so far this season, at least in terms of results.

Big East affiliate member Akron comes in at #11 in that top 25 to stand as the top ranked team on Marquette’s schedule this season. Georgetown isn’t that far behind at #13, but that’s it for teams on the slate.

Over in the United Soccer Coaches poll, Marquette tumbled 10 spots to #23 now. That’s the kind of volatility that you can get when there’s only eight people voting in the poll. The Golden Eagles picked up 16 points worth of votes, which has them in between previously unranked Michigan State at 36 points and Hofstra with 13 points.

Akron sits at #4 over here, down one spot from last week. Georgetown jumps into the rankings after only receiving votes last week, ascending all the way up to #16, and like the TDS rankings, that’s it for teams on Marquette’s schedule.

As I type this, Marquette trails Milwaukee 1-0 after a 4th minute penalty kick for the Panthers, but the match itself is only in the 31st minute. After tonight, Marquette will return to action on Saturday when they take to the road to face Butler in Big East play. That match is set for a 6pm Central time start.

You can check out the Top Drawer Soccer rankings here and you can check out the entire United Soccer Coaches poll here.