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I’ve Seen This Movie: #8 UConn 85, RV Marquette 59

The Golden Eagles went through pretty much the same deflating experience against the Huskies at home as they did in Hartford.

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: After a competitive first quarter against UConn, Marquette women’s basketball let the Huskies get out on a run to build a bit of a lead heading into halftime, and then failed to muster a challenge coming out of the locker room on their way to a blowout loss.

Is that a summary of the New Year’s Eve loss in Hartford, or a summary of Tuesday night’s loss to Connecticut at the McGuire Center? TRICK QUESTION! It’s both, as Marquette falls, 85-59, and will most likely slip from the unofficial #26 team in the country in the AP poll to not receiving votes at all come Monday.

First quarter: Both teams shoot at least 50%, UConn leads 19-18. Okay, sure, no problems here.

Second quarter: A back and forth start to things, and a three-pointer by Liza Karlen on her way to 19 first half points puts Marquette up 29-28 with 4:13 to go. A 9-0 run by UConn puts them up eight, the lead grows to 13 with a minute to go, Jordan King drains a three to cut that to eight with six seconds left, but Paige Bueckers answers from halfcourt, 49-38 at the half.

Third quarter: The 21-9 run by the Huskies in the final 4:12 is followed by a 6-0 start to the quarter for the visitors that drags out to a 23-9 over the first seven minutes. 44-18 in an 11 minute stretch of the game. Marquette got punched in the face to end the second and then came out of the locker room with absolutely nothing to answer it with.

Fourth quarter: Trailing by 20 heading into the final 10 minutes, Marquette got outscored 13-7 in the entire quarter. Five of MU’s points came in the first three minutes as they never got closer than 18.

Remember when I said Liza Karlen had 19 points in the first half? 1) She finished with 21, and 2) Marquette as a team scored just 21 points in the entire second half.

I don’t care about losing to UConn. I care about not having a single thing go differently in a second straight game against the Huskies.

Up Next: After dropping to 3-4 following their 12-0 start to the season, Marquette will be back in action on Saturday afternoon when Butler comes to town. That game is set to start at 4pm Central, which gives you lots of time to go straight from Fiserv over to the McGuire Center after the men’s basketball game against Seton Hall, which starts at noon. Could I have done a better job selling you on how much fun Saturday will be? Probably, but that’s life. Butler is 8-10 on the year and 0-7 in Big East play after losing by 10 at home to Providence on Sunday. They’ll visit Xavier on Wednesday before coming up to Milwaukee.