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Wait, What? RV Marquette 66, Providence 62

I literally have no idea how the Golden Eagles won this game because I turned it off when they were down 18 in less than eight minutes.

WonderCon 2023
See, it’s a mystery as to how Marquette won, and that’s noted Spider-Man villain Mysterio
Photo by Daniel Knighton/FilmMagic

If you were paying attention to the entire website going into Saturday afternoon, then you’re aware that it was a busy day in Marquette athletics land. Three games, all with 1pm Central time starts. In my house, men’s basketball got the TV, women’s basketball got my iPad, and then after a moment, my wife insisted that I use her iPad for the men’s lacrosse game, because streaming three things (we have Hulu+Live) at once was funny and she wanted to see what would happen.

So I’m getting the lacrosse game up, which took some doing because of things on Air Force’s end, and I glance at the screen for women’s hoops.

10-0 Providence.

I settle in to start trying to pay attention to three things at once, and I turn my attention to the women’s basketball game again.

20-2 Providence.

I turned it off.

I’m trying to pay attention to three things at once, and one of those things is very much not interested in having any attention paid to it.

So I have no idea what actually transpired between that start and 3:16 left in the fourth quarter when Frannie Hottinger scored to put Marquette up six, 62-56. I had been checking in on the live stats as the game went along, so I was aware that Marquette was cutting into the lead, but I have no idea how that was going on. It didn’t matter. Either they were going to figure out how to get out in front and I would turn it on, or they would never get a lead and there was no point in watching because the 20-2 start is all that mattered.

But there they were with the lead, so yeah, turned it on. First on the iPad because that’s the fastest interface, and then onto the TV, replacing the wildly out of control men’s game. In the process, Providence made Marquette work for their win, scoring twice to make it a two point game with two minutes to go. Jordan King scored, PC got two free throws from Brynn Farrell, Marquette called timeout to advance the ball and burned clock....down to 10 seconds to go before King fired off a desperation shot before the shot clock..... and Grace Efosa rebounded the miss..... AND THEN PASSED IT, AND THEN CALLED TIMEOUT, MEANING PC CAN NOT ADVANCE THE BALL WITH SIX SECONDS LEFT DOWN TWO.

So the Friars now have to go the length of the floor to get any shot at all to tie or a three to win.

And they get it all the way up to free throw line extended.... before Farrell just lost it out of bounds. She lost the ball because they had to hurry it forward instead of having six seconds in their own end to find the shot to win.

MU inbounds, foul, King FTs, Marquette wins.

An obviously very stupid win, what with the 64-42 run by Marquette to close out their four point win, but also wildly dumb in the final 10 seconds by Providence to completely throw their chance of winning right out the door.

By the way? Marquette desperately needed this one after dropping to 5-5 in Big East play and 4-5 after their 12-0 start to the season. They were a half-game behind Providence for the fifth and final bye to the quarterfinals in the Big East tournament at the start of the day, that’s how big of a deal this win is. That’s also how completely dreadful that start was. Think about how much was on the line here..... and Marquette fell behind by 18 points almost immediately.

Four of MU’s starters hit for double digits in this one, led by 18 from Frannie Hottinger who was apparently great with a double-double on 10 rebounds, too. No idea what happened there because I refused to watch it, but good for her. Liza Karlen had 13 points, five rebounds, and five assists while wearing a clear plastic face shield to protect her after taking a shoulder to the nose late against Creighton on Wednesday.

How about some highlights, which hilariously start once PC is up 10-0, courtesy of and FloSports?

Up Next: The Golden Eagles will attempt to not spot Georgetown an 18 point lead at the McGuire Center on Wednesday night. It will be the only meeting of the year with the Hoyas, as that’s one of the two matchups that gets only one side this year thanks to the 18 game schedule. Georgetown is 14-7 overall but just 4-6 in Big East play, and they will host DePaul on Sunday before coming to Milwaukee.