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1-0: RV Marquette 12, Air Force 6

I watched as much as I could, which admittedly wasn’t much.

Marquette’s Luke Blanc
Luke Blanc had a hat trick on three shots!
Marquette University

A couple of things worked against me on Saturday as Marquette men’s lacrosse picked up a 12-6 win over Air Force to open up the 2024 season with a victory.

The first was that the game got moved indoors because of snowy conditions in Colorado, and I missed that.... and that the moving of the game changed the streaming ability of the game, somehow. I guess Air Force’s indoor athletic complex isn’t rigged for a streaming broadcast the way Falcon Stadium is? Anyway, that meant that I was late getting the Twitch stream up and running, and apologies to anyone trying to follow my link from the preview.

We didn’t get any audio on the streaming broadcast, which was not helpful in general, but seeing as I was trying to watch men’s basketball and men’s lacrosse at the same time, that wasn’t a dealbreaker. We also didn’t get any score graphics on the broadcast.... but the guy running the camera made sure to zoom in after every goal on the flip cards on the scorers table that they were using because of course there isn’t a scoreboard in Air Force’s football indoor practice facility.

And then apparently someone unplugged all the tech stuff at halftime, because the stream stopped working at that point, and so did the live stats.

Again, I was trying to watch a basketball game and a lacrosse game at the same time, so this was not the worst thing in the world to have happen. But I was really looking forward to seeing what Marquette was going to look like this season, and that kind of got taken away from me.

And as it turns out, Marquette looked pretty dang good!

They were up 6-2 at the end of the 30 minutes that I half-watched, and that’s great news. By the end of the game, Devon Cowan, Bobby O’Grady, and Luke Blanc all had hat tricks for the Golden Eagles. Top 60 freshman Carsen Brandt scored his first career goal to put MU up 2-1 in the first quarter, and he tallied again in the fourth quarter to help keep the Falcons at arm’s length. O’Grady’s goal with 1:08 left in the first quarter made him the fifth Marquette player in program history with 100 career points, and that is very cool for a guy starting off his junior season.

Caleb Creasor made his debut for Marquette in this one after grad transferring from Lehigh, and he had himself a great day. Creasor got his first career win after posting 12 saves, including four in the first quarter when things were very clearly much more up in the air and making stops helped the Golden Eagles get rolling.

Marquette was dominant on draws in the game with both Luke Williams and Adam Slager winning eight times for a 16-for-22 day between the two of them. It’s hard to score when you don’t have the ball, and winning 73% of the faceoffs goes a long way towards stopping the other team from having the ball.

Up Next: Home opener time! Look, I don’t know why Marquette is going to play Lindenwood at 2pm on a Friday afternoon, but that’s what they’re doing on February 9th. This will be both the second and the (presumably) final meeting with the Lions, as the university has already announced that they will be ending the program after this season, which is their second in Division 1. Friday will be the season opener for Lindenwood after they were picked to finish last in the ASUN.