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Marquette Women’s Basketball Triumphs In Defensive Battle

and that is the nicest thing I will say about this game

Marquette’s Liza Karlen
Liza Karlen had 22 of Marquette’s 58 points on Wednesday night.
Marquette University

Marquette women’s basketball scored 37 points in the middle two quarters of Wednesday night’s contest against Georgetown at the McGuire Center.

Georgetown scored 38 points in the entire game.

This was broadcast on FS1.

Final: Marquette 52, Georgetown 38.

It was so not fun.

Guys, the two teams combined to shoot 5-for-25 in the first quarter. It was 7-4 at the end of the first 10 minutes. They made Lisa Byington say “Georgetown up 7 to 4 after 1” or something similar when throwing it to break. I don’t know what she actually said, I was crazy enough to actually be in attendance for the game.

Neither team hit double digits until Liza Karlen got the Golden Eagles to 11 in transition with 6:19 left in the second quarter. Both teams didn’t get there until Georgetown’s Alex Cowan hit two free throws to tie the game at 11 with 5:35 left before halftime.

To a certain extent, the second quarter was not a disaster for Marquette as they did win the frame 16-7, and it was 16-5 for the Golden Eagles until two free throws from GU’s Kelsey Ransom with less than 30 seconds left. Since the Hoyas scored first, it was a 16-3 run, and anytime you can say “that was a 16-3 run,” that’s pretty good. Is it great that it took seven minutes? From a certain point of view, yes. From a fun point of view, no.

After halftime, Marquette said “oh, right, scoring.” They had 20 points at halftime and then scored 21 just in the third quarter. They had 10 of them in just barely over the first three minutes, so even after doubling up their point total, we have to say “okay, but look, it wasn’t all great.” Taking a 30-16 lead on a 10-2 run to start the quarter is pretty good though, and from there, MU was pretty much in control of the game. The closest Georgetown got after that was 11 points, and that was on a three-pointer from Victoria Rivera to answer that 10-2 run. MU scored the next five, and that was kind of that.

It felt like it was not over, though. Up 16 at that point and up 17 to start the fourth quarter and that’s independently good news..... but you stare at that 41 points through 30 minutes and you say “y’know, it’s not impossible that the offense goes bye-bye for the final 10 minutes.” These are the things you think when you’ve watched Marquette score a season low four points in the opening quarter.

But that did not happen, and the only reason the margin was as close as it was is because Rivera hit another three — one of four in the entire game for either team, all in the second half, all for Georgetown — with 14 seconds left.

A recapper in a better mood would make sure to point out that Marquette went on a 48-28 run until that last ditch triple. A recapper in a better mood wouldn’t have watched Marquette fall behind 20-2 in their most recent game, and blow a lead to start the fourth quarter on the road against a ranked opponent in the game before that, and need an 11-0 run to break a tie and win against a team with 1 league victory in the game before that, and completely forget to respond to UConn in the second half before that, and give up a massive run to one player to blow a late lead in the game before that.

I’m saying that Marquette doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt here as they move to 7-5 in Big East play but just 6-5 overall since starting the year 12-0.

Thank goodness for Liza Karlen. She shot 10-for-17 from the field for a game high 22 points and tacked on 10 rebounds for her fifth double-double of the season and third in the last four games. I have no idea what Marquette would have done in this game if they didn’t have one of the 10 best power forwards in the country.

Hilariously, the athletic department isn’t putting up highlights from this game on YouTube. I’m writing this on Thursday morning, and they’re not on the page. A tacit admission that this game had no highlights or merely some sort of weird snafu with technology? We know it’s not a rights issue with FS1 because the men’s team posts highlight videos from FS1 all the time.

Up Next: National Marquette Day and a chance for revenge. Marquette blew a late lead against Villanova earlier this season on the Main Line, but the Wildcats will be at the McGuire Center for the return bout on Saturday with tipoff scheduled for 2pm Central. That game will be broadcast on Fox, which is awesome and hopefully no one changes their mind about that between now and Saturday after seeing this result.