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The Second Annual Badger Hate Week Service Award

I'm going to keep this gimmick going as long as I can, and I found a valid candidate this year.

Stephen Dunn

Last year, we introduced The Badger Hate Week Service Award. There are literally no set qualifications to win this award. It is given arbitrarily to someone who has done something in the past year to embarass, humiliate, or otherwise shame the Wisconsin Badgers.

This year, The Badger Hate Week Service Award goes to Marquette volleyball assistant coach Jackie Simpson!

Simpson was an AVCA All-American setter at Wisconsin, while leading the Badgers to the Elite Eight of the NCAA tournament on two occasions and the Sweet 16 on a third. Now she's an assistant to Bond Shymansky and getting both the Marquette logo and the carillon tower of Marquette Hall onto the cover of Badger Nation, the self-proclaimed "insiders look into Wisconsin athletics." That's some high quality work done in the name of promoting Marquette over Wisconsin there.

Nicely done, Coach! Good luck tonight, as Marquette takes on a slightly different Red Menace, the Louisville Cardinals, this evening in the first round of the NCAA tournament!