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The 2015 Badger Hate Week Service Award

After a one year hiatus without a worthy candidate, this distinguished award returns, thanks to a Milwaukee native.

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Nice attendance, Badger fans.
Nice attendance, Badger fans.
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Back in 2012, we here at Anonymous Eagle created The Badger Hate Week Service Award.  We followed that up with a second winner in 2013.  Last year, things got a bit slow in the world of Badger Hateration, and we went without a winner.  We're not going to gin up someone's credentials just to make sure we hand this thing out every year.  We've got TRADITION to mind, y'know.

But, since last Badger Hate Week, we have someone to honor that has gone above and beyond in the department of Badger Hate.

The 2015 Badger Hate Week Service Award goes to.........


Why Diamond Stone, you ask?  Well, back in March, Stone made his decision on which college he wanted to attend this year.  Ultimately, the decision came down to the Terrapins and everyone's least favorite Big Ten squad, the Wisconsin Badgers, and obviously, Stone chose Maryland.

As the #7 player in the country according to ESPN and one of the two best recruits in Wisconsin's class of 2015 next to Marquette's very own Henry Ellenson, Stone spurning the in-state Badgers for a conference rival like Maryland might have been enough to earn Stone this award.

You see, Wisconsin fans took that news poorly.  I mean, like REAL poorly.  From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

While Stone's decision was hailed by Maryland fans, some Badgers fans weren't as kind or diplomatic. One theme, before and after the announcement, was to assume that Stone did not meet the academic requirements to attend Wisconsin.

"It's just people's opinions. It didn't really get to me," he said. "My guidance counselor emailed my mom and he was like, 'Do you want me to send Diamond's ACT scores out,' so people can just leave me alone, because that wasn't the case.

"I told her people are always going to have something bad to say about you. At least we know the truth. Somebody said I had a 3 on my ACT. How is that possible? I got a 20. I was fine to go to Wisconsin. I just picked Maryland."

But drawing the ire of Badger fans (including Bo Ryan's own daughter) isn't what won Stone this award, either.  No, what locked up this award for Diamond Stone was this tweet:

"It's just the laughing so hard you're crying emoji," you say.  "Why does that win him the BHW Service Award," you ask.  Well, the answer to that question lies in the timestamp.  April 7, 2015 was the day of the national championship game between Duke and Wisconsin, which was won by the Blue Devils.

That tweet is Stone trolling Badger fans after they thought they could take cheap shots at him in the first place.

They got SO SO SO mad.

We're proud of you, Diamond Stone.  Way to stick it to those gasbags.  Here's hoping that you put up 30 & 10 against the Badgers on January 9th.  If you want to destroy them on February 13th, too, that's fine by us, but let's be honest: That Kohl Center win would be much more fun.