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BADGER HATE WEEK AFTERSHOCK: Bo Ryan Quits, Effective Immediately

And no, this article is not a joke.

This was taken during the TAMU-CC game. Can't say he didn't still have the fire, I guess.
This was taken during the TAMU-CC game. Can't say he didn't still have the fire, I guess.
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, during Badger Hate Week, we ran a series of articles detailing Bo Ryan flip-flopping on his desire to remain as head coach of Wisconsin men's basketball.  This was, of course, all satire, stemming from Ryan announcing his decision to coach one final season, and then backtracking on it before the summer was over.

Well, little did we know that those articles struck so close to home.

On Tuesday night, following Wisconsin's 64-49 win over Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Bo Ryan quit as head coach of the University of Wisconsin men's basketball team.

I really mean it this time.

Bo Ryan quits with a career record of 8-7 against Marquette following Saturday's 57-55 win by the Golden Eagles.  This year's win allows Steve Wojciechowski to claim a 1-1 record against Ryan.

In a way, I'll probably miss Bo Ryan.  Definitely not today.  Probably not tomorrow either, and probably not until after Wisconsin announces their next coach, and maybe not even until next December when it's time to spool up the Badger Hate Week engines once again.  After all, Ryan's devotion to slowing basketball down to sub-molasses levels and his Grinch-like visage made him a perfect foil for BHW.  We're not likely to get someone on the Badger sideline that's so easily hateable.

We will keep an eye on the coaching search as it develops.  Associate head coach Greg Gard, aka "A guy I couldn't pick out of a lineup if he was holding a sign that said 'Hi, I'm Greg Gard,'" has been elevated to interim head coach.  UW Athletic Director Barry Alvarez was *very* clear to make the point that Gard is the interim coach, not the full time head man going forward.  That's probably not what Ryan wanted to hear right after quitting, as his original retirement announcement stated that he hoped Gard would get the job full time.