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BADGER HATE WEEK: Bucky Badger Is A Prisoner Without Pants

I may need to temper my attitude towards the rodent's choice in clothing.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret to anyone who follows the Anonymous Eagle Twitter account or anyone who reads the captions under all the pictures on our articles that we here at AE are disgusted by the fact that University of Wisconsin mascot Bucky Badger doesn't wear pants.

I mean, it's weird, right?  I get that regular burrowing badgers run around without clothes on all the time, but that's their natural state.  If you're going to be anthropomorphic, then you've got to slap some pants on, especially if you're going to spend so much time sitting on people's laps at basketball games as seen above.  Bucky's pantslessness is made even worse by UW being perfectly fine portraying Bucky as a dude who spends a lot of time stalking married women on Facebook.

Recently, though, I've had a mild change of heart on this topic.  Information has come to light that has made me wonder if Bucky is going without pants by choice.

Back on Halloween, Wisconsin's football team played Rutgers at Camp Randall Stadium.  I was kind of hoping to make snide jokes about how they lost this game, but they played Rutgers, so it was a 48-10 Badgers win.  ANYWAY, Bucky tweeted about his four Halloween costumes that he wore during the game.

As you can see, Bucky dressed up as Superman, Batman, Spongebob Square Pants, and Bumblebee from the Transformers movies.  He's wearing Batman boxer shorts in his Batman costume, which is almost worse than going without pants, and only the Superman costume required him to put pants on.

Given the rarity of Bucky in pants, a comment on this was necessary.

That's not where our story ends, though.  You see, Bucky favorited this tweet.  Yes, I mean favorited, because this was back in the age of Golden Stars on Twitter.  Eat it, Like Heart.

Don't believe me?  I screencapped the notification of the favorite:

Bucky Tweet Fave

And I went back and screencapped it today to show that it's still in Bucky's likes.

Bucky Like

This is momentous.  Bucky LIKED that I pointed out that he got to wear pants for a few brief minutes during the Rutgers game.  Bucky Badger WANTS people to point out that he's usually not wearing pants.  There's only one conclusion to draw from this:

Bucky Badger is not going pants-free on purpose or by choice.
Bucky Badger is being required to go without pants by the University of Wisconsin-Madison athletic department.
Bucky Badger and his pants are prisoners of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

UW System President Ray Cross, UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank, and UW-Madison Athletic Director Barry Alvarez, I call on you to allow Bucky Badger to wear the pants that his common anthropomorphic badger dignity deserves.

Support the movement to allow Bucky Badger to wear pants by using the hashtag #Pants4Bucky on Twitter.