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Badger Hate Week

BHW NEWS: Bo Ryan "Day To Day" After Loss To UWM

He's really not taking this well, and he was already teetering on the edge of retirement anyway.

BHW: Bucky Badger Is A Prisoner Without Pants

Recent information has come to light that makes me wonder if the Wisconsin mascot is going without pants by choice.

BHW NEWS: Bo Ryan A "Game Time Decision" vs UWM

The week of wild news out of Madison continues. It's amazing that it's coinciding with Badger Hate Week.

BHW NEWS: Bo Ryan Just Showed Up For Work Today

The Wisconsin Badgers head coach is apparently pretending he didn't have a meltdown at yesterday's press conference.

WBB Beats Bucky To Open Badger Hate Week

The Golden Eagles blew out to a 20-2 run to start the game and used the offensive glass to carry them to victory against Wisconsin on Sunday.

BHW NEWS: Bo Ryan Retired/Un-retired/Re-retired

Quite the hectic news morning coming out of Madison, and what a coincidence for it to happen at the start of Badger Hate Week....

BADGER HATE WEEK: Here Comes The Hate

We start off BHW off the only way we know how: by mercilessly deriding nearly a half-century of Badger basketball futility.

BADGER HATE WEEK: WBB Takes on Wisconsin

We preview the clash between the Golden Eagles & the Badgers on Sunday afternoon in Milwaukee.

Men's Soccer Preview: at Wisconsin

The Golden Eagles look to snap a four match winless streak when they head to Madison on Wednesday night to square off with the Badgers.

Non-Con Games 10 & 11: at Wisconsin & Chicago St.

The yearly contest against the Badgers breathes some life into this non-conference schedule, but the game against the Cougars promptly punches it right back out again.

BHW 2015: The Most Important Badger Hate Week Ever

In December, Marquette gets one final crack at Ryan before he retires at the end of the 2015-16 season.

Save The Date: Marquette vs Wisconsin on Dec. 12

We put 2 and 2 together and we got the starting date for Badger Hate Week 2015.

Nigel Hayes Must Be Stopped

This isn't a discussion of what North Carolina needs to do to win tonight's basketball game. I'm calling for the Tar Heels to end Hayes' ascendance to the role of America's Sweetheart.

Forbes Published A Weird Article About Wisconsin

And, as the world's foremost purveyors of being dismissive of things written about Wisconsin basketball, we had to dismantle it, Fire Joe Morgan-style.

Four Factors: vs Wisconsin

It's been the defense that's failed the Golden Eagles repeatedly this season, but that wasn't the case against the Badgers.

WBB Has Bad 2H For Second Straight Blowout Loss

Marquette's trip to Madison ended the same way as their trip to Auburn: An ugly second half leading to the home team running away with an easy victory.

Mr. K's Gambling Challenge: UW-Madison Edition

Where we've got all the (fake) lines to satisfy your gambling fix before this morning's tip against the Badgers.

BADGER HATE WEEK: Women's Hoops Gets Involved

As the men's game on Saturday starts to wind down, the women's basketball team will be getting underway in Madison against their Badgers counterparts.

Featured Fanshot

WTMJ Poll: Do you cheer for Marquette, Wisconsin, or both?

Click the link, and vote for option #2: "Marquette fan, can't stand UW," as is the tradition of Badger Hate Week. Couldn't be easier. Feel free to tell your friends to vote in the manner that a Marquette fan should.

UW Is Out Of Control On This "Jump Around" Thing

We made fun of their "ownership" of the House of Pain classic three years ago. The Badgers have gotten worse about it in the meantime.

Featured Fanshot


BHW: Frank Kaminsky Caught One In The Man Region

I don't want to say thanks to Rasheed Sulaimon for popping Kaminsky in the groin, because that seems mean, but it doesn't mean it's not funny.

So, How Exactly Did Frank Kaminsky Get This Good?

Frank Kaminsky burst onto the scene for the Badgers last year. Which begs the question: HOW???

ESPN Gave MU A Badger Hate Week Gift

Gotta give credit where credit is due, and The Worldwide Leader did Marquette and Steve Wojciechowski a solid with their scheduling of the ACC/Big 10 Challenge.

BADGER HATE WEEK: Bucky Has No Friends

Using (not-so) exclusive video footage, we can now prove that no one wants to be friends with the University of Wisconsin mascot.

Frank Kaminsky Lied About Why He Returned To UW

There's no two ways about it: the 7-foot center from Lisle, Illinois, lied about at least one of the reasons why he returned to college for his senior season.

BADGER HATE WEEK: Nigel Hayes Gets Hit In The Face

And it's all Sam Dekker's fault. Now on Vine!

BADGER HATE WEEK: Here Comes The Hate

We start off BHW off the only way we know how: by mercilessly deriding nearly a half-century of Badger basketball futility.

Non-Conference Game #8: Wisconsin

It's back at the BC this year, so protect your tickets carefully. Plus: an update on Game #4!

Non-Conference Schedule News Is Trickling In

We already knew about the Orlando Classic, but the last 12 hours have given us two more high profile dates on the calendar for men's basketball.

Four Factors: Marquette vs Wisconsin

Marquette lost on the road to a top 10 team by six points. This is okay on the surface. If we go deeper, were there any significant failures that caused the loss?

The Streak Ends: #9/#8 Wisconsin 70, Marquette 64

For the first time in three years, Badger Hate Week ends in a loss. This is kind of a strange feeling.