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Badger Hate Week

WBB: Wisconsin 62, Marquette 60

Wisconsin held off a last minute Marquette comeback to escape the Al with a victory.

Your Post-Game Dejection Thread: UW 70, MU 64

Marquette made things interesting at the end of the game, but in the end Badger Hate Week went out with a whimper as YOUR Golden Eagles dropped a 70-64 decision to Wisconsin on Saturday afternoon.

BADGER HATE DAY: Marquette @ No. 9/8 Wisconsin

It's the culmination of Badger Hate Week, as YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles invade the Kohl Center to face the dastardly Wisconsin Badgers.

BADGER HATE WEEK: A Women's Basketball Preview

It's not just the men's teams squaring off today. Marquette's women's basketball team will host the Badgers at 7pm!

BADGER HATE WEEK: A By-The-Numbers Look At Bucky

The old cliche is that you can throw the records out when two rivals clash. But you can't throw out statistical trends.

The 2nd Annual Badger Hate Week Service Award

I found a valid candidate during the past 12 months, so we'll hand this out for the second year in a row.

BADGER HATE WEEK: Winter Catalogue: For The Kids!

Buckingham & Co. has just what you've been looking for to make the winter solstice season merry for your little ones.

BADGER HATE WEEK: Hopefully No One Watched

Wisconsin and Virginia played a 57 possession game and no one broke 50 points. At least no one watched the game, right? RIGHT?

Featured Fanshot

A Badger Hate Week edition of Scrambled Eggs

Go listen to Joe and Phil as they review the Wooden Legacy and look forward to Saturday.

BADGER HATE WEEK: Winter Catalogue Edition!

Looking for the perfect gift for the Badger fan on your holiday list? Buckingham & Co. has you covered with its 68th annual Winter Solstice mail order catalogue!

BADGER HATE WEEK: A Timeline Of UW Basket Ball

There are no lessons to be learned from knowing the history of Badgers Basket Ball, only things to be avoided at all costs. Learn your history well, friends.

BADGER HATE WEEK: Now With Twice The Hate

This year is special. This year we get to celebrate DOUBLE Badger Hate Week!

BADGER HATE WEEK: Here Comes The Hate

And now, the traditional opening of BHW. Because we have STANDARDS, dammit.

Tweet Of The Week: 9/10-9/16

Yes, we're making fun of how the Badgers lost on Saturday night. I don't know how you expected anything else.

Evil Vanquished: Marquette 60, Wisconsin 50

There's no better way to cap off Badger Hate Week than with a victory!

GameThread: Marquette vs. Wisconsin

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

The Badger Hate Week Service Award

We honor people who have stepped up to fight the good fight against all that the Badgers stand for.

This stream has:

The Adventures of Oatesman & Potrobin: A BHW Comic

In which our heroes are charged with a task of monumental importance.

WBB: Wisconsin 71, Marquette 68

After a dreadful start, Marquette rallied back to make it interesting, but couldn't complete the deal.

BADGER HATE WEEK: Better Dead Than Red

Michael Locicero of the Marquette Tribune wrote a great column last week about Notre Dame that also applies to Wisconsin.

BADGER HATE WEEK: The Women Get Involved

Terri Mitchell's crew heads up the road to Madison to participate in Badger Hate Week with a game against Wisconsin.

BHW: The Adventures of Oatesman & Potrobin: Vol I

In which our heroes are charged with a task of monumental importance.


Oh, man, this is maybe the best thing to ever happen to Badger Hate Week. BIELEMA FOR BIG NOGGIN ON SATURDAY!

BADGER HATE WEEK: A Timeline Of UW-Madison Hoops

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I don't want to repeat anything about the history of Badgers basketball, so let's learn together, shall we?


It's the Christmas season, so loyal reader Buzz Williams' Spillproof Chiclets Cup fine tuned the lyrics to a classic carol to fit the theme of the week.

BADGER HATE WEEK: Here Comes The Hate

What's a Hate Week, you ask? It's quite simple, really. This week, YOUR Golden Eagles prepare for the Red Rodents of Madison by breaking down film, working on their half-court offense, and carbo-loading. We do the same, except we carbo-load HATE.

BADGER HATE WEEK: Prepare For Launch

Flight Controllers, I need a go/no go for launch.


Wisconsin got beat at their own game last night.

A Report From A First Time Trip To The Kohl Center

I ventured into the Kohl Center for the first time ever. Now I subject you to the horrors.

Stranger Things Have Happened: MU 61, UW 54

Marquette got sterling efforts from a pair of freshmen -- Todd Mayo on offense, Derrick Wilson on defense -- to steal a signature road win on Saturday, as the Golden Eagles defeated Wisconsin, 61-54.

Post-Game Jubilation Thread: MU 61, UW 54

The official recap will be up after we figure out where our pants disappeared off to. Until then, rejoice in this space.

Game Thread #7: #16/16 Marquette @ #9/7 Wisconsin

Marquette. Wisconsin. Let's go.