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Flights of Fancy

It’s Time For Marquette To Adopt A Miami Heat Alternate Jersey

The success of South Beach’s NBA franchise has been driven by the Golden Eagles over the last 20 years, and it’s time to celebrate that, at least for one game.


Your favorite Anonymous Intern is on the road with our championship-winning men’s basketball team for the starting rounds of the NCAA tournament.

EAGLE ABROAD: Uncasville, CT

AE’s best intern is on the road with Marquette as the postseason starts with the 2023 Women’s Big East Tournament.

Hubert Davis Has A Meeting

The North Carolina head coach learns a thing or two about Marquette.

Ranking The Student Appreciation Night Prizes

There is a clear order of value here, and I think that’s important to note.

The Dawson’s Creek Recaps: “Double Date”

The events of this episode lead to a pretty big moment at the end.

The Dawson’s Creek Recaps: “Road Trip”

There’s a lot going on in this one day.

The Dawson’s Creek Recaps: “Boyfriend”

Somewhat of an ironic title, given where everything ends up at the end of the episode.

The Dawson’s Creek Recaps: “Detention”

Many things happen that land all four of our teens in Saturday detention. Yes, just like The Breakfast Club.

The Dawson’s Creek Recaps: “Baby”

Congratulations to Aunt Joey, and condolences to Pacey, I guess.

The Dawson’s Creek Recaps: “Hurricane”

A storm is brewing in Capeside, and I don’t just mean the actual hurricane that’s approaching.

The Dawson’s Creek Recaps: “Discovery”

Hey, I get that title. Three meanings. Fun.

The Dawson’s Creek Recaps: “Kiss”

Dawson works on two movies, Joey flirts with a rich kid, and Pacey.... does things.

The Dawson’s Creek Recaps: “Dance”

There’s a rhythmic ceremonial ritual coming up, and that always lends itself to teen drama.

The Dawson’s Creek Recaps: “Pilot”

Marquette’s gonna have a guy named Dawson, and we’ve got the free time.

The Two Collapses: Drafting Marquette’s mind-numbing finishes

Two masochists pull out the very short history book and pick their favorite losses of the last two Marquette seasons.

Comparing Marquette’s Collapses To Collapses Of Empires Throughout History

Let’s see if we can make this basketball season educational at least.

What Could Marquette Do If College Basketball Had A Trade Deadline?

Examining Marquette’s hypothetical options is a Finals Week tradition around these parts.

I Found The Cause Of Every Bad Thing That Has Happened To Marquette Basketball

A revolutionary study has finally found the answer.

Which MU Player Has The Best Spoonerism?

The most important annual article, imo

The Markus Howard 30 Point Game Tournament Championship: #2 vs #4


The Markus Howard 30 Point Game Tournament Semifinals: #2 vs #3

Will we get a second surprise entrant to the championship?

Let’s Fix Basketball Courts To Pass The Time

I’m at the delirium portion of the offseason. Give me basketball.

The Markus Howard 30 Point Game Semifinals: #1 vs #4

Things got and stayed pretty chalky in this thing. Will that continue here?

The Markus Howard 30 Point Game Tourney Quarterfinals: #2 vs #7

Let’s see what kind of result we get here.

The Markus Howard 30 Point Game Tournament: #3 vs #6

The quarterfinals keep chugging on as we try to determine which performance was the best.

The Markus Howard 30 Point Game Tournament: #4 vs #5

Oh right this thing. We should probably get back on top of this.

The Markus Howard 30 Point Game Tournament: #1 vs #9

The biggest event of the summer returns after a week’s break for the quarterfinals.

The Markus Howard 30 Point Game Tournament: #1 vs #17

If previous results are any indication, this one is going to be a blood bath.

The Markus Howard 30 Point Game Tournament: #8 vs #9

It’s as close as we can get it in terms of point total this time around.

The Markus Howard 30 Point Game Tournament: #7 vs #10

We’re getting closer and closer to the end of the first round.

The Return Of The Anonymous Eagle Mailbag!

Marquette playing time, onion rings, Jedi, and college basketball posers all get their fair time here.