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Marquette Game Recaps

WLax Can’t Climb Back In vs Niagara

The Purple Eagles scored five unanswered goals in the first quarter and that was enough to withstand a late push from the Golden Eagles

Men’s Lacrosse Comes Up Short vs Utah

And so their bid to go 5-0 against the ASUN this season comes up short with one game still to go.

Women’s Basketball Beats Butler

Didn’t matter for the Big East tournament seeding, didn’t watch, guess that’s good.

The Quick & The Dirty: #12 Creighton 89, #5 Marquette 75

The Golden Eagles stayed with the Bluejays while down two starters until the defense finally gassed out at the end.

Once They Got Going: Marquette 19, Detroit Mercy 7

It was a back-and-forth contest until midway through the second quarter, and then it was all Golden Eagles all the time.

Over In A Hurry: #5 Marquette 91, Providence 69

When you start the game with six straight stops on defense, that’s usually a pretty good sign

I’ve Seen Enough: St. John’s 56, Marquette 50

The Golden Eagles showed a complete lack of life on Senior Night until it was much too late to truly do anything about it.

They Meant Business: #7 Marquette 88, Xavier 64

We saw 40 minutes of determined and focused basketball from Marquette on Sunday afternoon at Fiserv, and that got them their 12th Big East win of the year.

Things Unraveled In A Hurry For MLax vs #12 Michigan

It was a stalemate.... and then it wasn’t.

WBB Takes Advantage Of Xavier Being Very Bad

By the time I was available to turn the game on, there was no point in doing so.

Jacksonville Slips Away Late For WLax’s 3rd Straight L

The game was tied at 13 with six minutes to go..... and then the Golden Eagles lost by four.

Kolek Breaks Single Game Assists Record In DePaul Mollywhopping

The Golden Eagles led by as many as 43 late in the second half before settling for a 34 point victory against the Blue Demons.

Not Today, Pirates: Marquette 68, Seton Hall 62

The Golden Eagles rally from down 18 to remain undefeated at home against the Pirates in program history.

Not Much To Say: #4 Northwestern A Lot, Marquette Exercise

We can’t even say that the Golden Eagles got fresh air to go with their exercise since the game was indoors.

#1 Notre Dame Does #1 Team Things To RV Marquette

Whoa nelly, that got outta control in the second half.

WELP: #1 UConn 81, #4 Marquette 53

It was going just fine until it wasn’t, and then it never got better.

WLax Can’t Hold It Together vs Louisville

The Golden Eagles’ offense went quiet for nearly a quarter and they gave up seven unanswered goals to turn a lead into a loss.

Sure: Marquette 69, DePaul 58

As promised, I didn’t watch any of it.

The Quick & The Dirty: #4 Marquette 78, Butler 72

The Golden Eagles went down to Indianapolis and took care of their end of setting up Saturday’s top 5 showdown.

Stegman’s Record Setting Day Powers MLax To Victory

Two different team records were broken by Jake Stegman during Tuesday’s matinee 22-8 victory.

RV WLax Handles Business Against Cincinnati

The Golden Eagles started strong and built a lead to knock off the Bearcats in the season opener.

Second Half Magic: #7 Marquette 86, St. John’s 75

The Golden Eagles dismantled the Red Storm after intermission, pure and simple.

WBB Refuses To Beat Villanova

The Golden Eagles took the lead in the fourth quarter and then just refused to do anything about holding onto it.

RV Men’s Lacrosse Dominates Lindenwood

The Golden Eagles were up 4-0 in the first four minutes, and that was pretty much that. Oh, and Mason Woodward broke the career ground balls record.

WBB Triumphs In Defensive Battle

and that is the nicest thing I will say about this game

1-0: RV Marquette 12, Air Force 6

I watched as much as I could, which admittedly wasn’t much.

Wait, What? RV Marquette 66, Providence 62

I literally have no idea how the Golden Eagles won this game because I turned it off when they were down 18 in less than eight minutes.

Couldn’t Have Asked For More: #9 Marquette 91, Georgetown 57

The Golden Eagles never trailed, broke the game open midway through the first half, and never looked back.

Thrown Away: #22 Creighton 76, RV Marquette 71

The Golden Eagles let another road win against a top half Big East team slip through their hands, the third time that’s happened this season.

I Lack The Words: #9 Marquette 85, Villanova 80

It was in the bag, then it was up for grabs, then it was tilting back towards the Golden Eagles, then it wasn’t, then it was over.

Just Enough: RV Marquette 59, Butler 48

The Golden Eagles didn’t have it, then they had it, then it looked like they lost it, then Liza Karlen won it.

The Royal & The Rumble: #14 Marquette 75, RV Seton Hall 57

The Golden Eagles keep pushing and push right past the Pirates in the second half.