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Are You Ready For Big East Shootaround on Fox Sports Go?

The league is starting up a weekly online show to provide coverage of men’s basketball with a hint of women’s hoops as well.

Big East Basketball Tournament - Notre Dame v Marquette Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images

Late last week, the Big East announced a new weekly online show named “Big East Shootaround.” Here’s the official explanation of the show from the press release:

BIG EAST Shootaround will feature behind the scenes, in-depth stories from the Conference’s 10 member schools. John Fanta, a Seton Hall alum and senior BIG EAST correspondent, will serve as the show’s host, and guests will include coaches, basketball student-athletes, media members and other basketball insiders. Women’s basketball coverage will be included in the programming mix.

Here’s Fanta doing a Sorkin-esque walk & monologue through the league office to talk about the show.

The show will be distributed through Fox Sports Go, and will likely be available through the Big East Digital network, which means it will be available to watch regardless of whether you have a cable subscription or not. Since FSGo still does not offer replays of past events, your best bet to catch Shootaround will be through the Big East’s portals on Twitter and on Facebook, or via the podcast avenues of iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher.

Here’s Big East Senior Associate Commissioner Rick Gentile on the goal for the program:

BIG EAST Shootaround is designed to provide coverage of BIG EAST Basketball all year round, not just during basketball season,” said Rick Gentile BIG EAST Senior Associate Commissioner, Broadcasting. “Our schools’ basketball programs don’t take off from April through October, and our supporters are eager to keep up with off-season stories and developments. We aim to fill the void in media coverage during that period with news, interviews and updates from each of our campuses and reach all of our audiences in all places.”

The first episode will air on Thursday, August 10th, 2017 (that’s this week!), and continue on a weekly schedule from there. There’s no discussion as to how long the episodes will run, nor a regular airtime. In the video clip above, Fanta does say “Thursday afternoon,” so I presume that will be the regular expectation going forward.

From a Marquette perspective, I hope there’s a lot more women’s hoops coverage than just “included in the programming mix,” as mentioned above. I think it’s safe to say that Carolyn Kieger’s team has higher expectations for their 2017-18 season than Steve Wojciechowski’s team and season, so it’d be nice to see the league promote their rising star of the women’s hoops scene.