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The Marquette Men’s Basketball Freshman Year Field Goals Made Chart

We continue our updates on Joey Hauser.

NCAA Basketball: Buffalo at Marquette Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Over the summer, we put together a few stat charts for Marquette men’s and women’s basketball that we’ve been updating as each game goes by. The nature of having incredibly talented and prolific players has created a situation where the record books are nearly constantly being rewritten, and keeping track of those rewrites is fun.

Since we’ve passed the first of the year, it’s officially the part of the basketball calendar where we can start looking at single season records. Thus, we’re going to be adding to those stat charts with the single season marks and top 10s that are most in danger of changing at this point.

For this iteration, we’re looking at the 10 best seasons in terms of field goals made, and where Joey Hauser stacks up against it.

Historically speaking, Marquette’s field goals made chart, at least for freshman year, is dominated by big men. That’s not terribly surprising if you think about it. If you’re a big guy at the age of 18, and you’re even remotely successful on the court, the coach in question is going to give you a ton of opportunities to show what you can do. Size is an advantage that you can’t coach, so if you have it, you should use it. Over the last decade or so, we’ve seen a number of guards in blue and gold sliding into the top 10, though. Part of that is the increasing development of the three-point shot in terms of integration into the offense, which is why you see big men racking up a lot of field goals, but they’re getting outscored by their smaller counterparts.

Joey Hauser presents both sides of the coin to the equation. At 6’9”, the redshirt freshman has more than enough natural gifts to be able to operate inside and do damage at the rim. He’s also shooting 43% from long range on nearly three attempts per game, which provides him with a lot of different opportunities to climb the freshman field goals made chart.

However, it’s that outside shooting touch as well as his ability to get to the free throw line that might end up preventing him from getting to the top 10. As things stand right now, Hauser is on pace to fall about 17 buckets short of Russ Wittberger’s #10 all time spot by the end of the regular season. Add in his average for MU’s one guaranteed Big East tournament game, and he’s still 13 or 14 short. If Marquette gets enough postseason games in the bag or if Hauser gets a chance to show what he can do a little more, he can end up inside the top 10, but it might end up being very close by the end of the season.

Here’s what the chart looks like at the end of the 2018-19 season.

Marquette Men’s Basketball Freshman Field Goals Made Chart

Rank Player Year Field Goals Made
Rank Player Year Field Goals Made
1 Henry Ellenson 2016 194
2 Doc Rivers 1981 182
3 Dominic James 2006 174
4 Bo Ellis 1974 167
5 Damon Key 1991 151
6 Trevor Powell 1988 139
7 Jerel McNeal 2006 138
8 Markus Howard 2017 136
9 Haanif Cheatham 2016 131
10 Russ Wittberger 1952 122