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Coming Soon: The 2023 Anonymous Eagle NCAA Tournament Bracket Chat Show

Fire up Twitter on Monday night and join us to chat about the NCAA bracket as well as help support the Be The Difference collective!

NCAA Basketball: Final Four City Scenes Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday night, the NCAA will announce the 2023 national championship tournament brackets for men’s and women’s basketball.

On Monday night, Anonymous Eagle will host a 2023 NCAA Tournament Bracket Chat Show!

Here’s how it’s going to work: At 7pm Central, I’m going to fire up a Twitter Space by way of the official AE Twitter: @AnonymousEagle. I’ll chat about the bracket in general for Marquette, both for Shaka Smart’s team and Megan Duffy’s team, and make some bracket picks, too.

The fun part is because of the nature of Twitter Spaces, anyone who wants to join the space can listen in..... and can request to talk! Here’s what we’re going to do, though: If you want to get on the air, as it were, you have to make a donation to Be The Difference, the Marquette affiliated NIL collective.

What’s BTD’s deal, anyway? Here you go:

Be the Difference NIL, a registered Wisconsin 501(C)(3) is a collection of donors and alumni that supports student-athletes at Marquette University. This non-profit collective is dedicated to creating opportunities for athletes that positively contribute to campus and the community at large, while maintaining the commitment of Marquette University to make a difference in the world.

Being men and women for others is foundational to a Marquette University experience and differentiates the development of student-athletes. That is why Be the Difference NIL is working with non-profit organizations and supporting community-minded events to positively impact the community while enabling personal growth with the athletes that sign with us.

In short, you make a donation to BTD, and then they turn around and use the collective (see, that’s where the word collective comes from) donations to pay Marquette’s men’s and women’s basketball players to do personal appearances for groups like Boys & Girls Club of Milwaukee or SHARP Literacy.

You make a donation, doesn’t matter how much, and then send me a screencap of the receipt, either by tweeting it at the AE twitter or DMing it if you’d rather hide the details of your donation, or emailing it to anon.eagle at gmail dot com if you want. If you email it in, be sure to tell me your Twitter username so I can identify you in the Space and bring you on to make your bracket picks and talk about MU hoops in general.

Think of it kind of like a telethon to benefit BTD’s coffers, if that helps.

What kind of donation should you make? BTD has some preset options if you want, but there’s a Custom Amount button, too. Some ideas:

  • $19.77 for Marquette’s men’s basketball national championship
  • $67.59 for the final score of the 1977 title game against North Carolina
  • $20.23 for Marquette’s Big East regular season and tournament titles this season
  • $65.51 for the final score of Saturday’s Big East tournament title game
  • $18.81 for the year Marquette University was founded
  • $83.50 for Marquette’s all-time series edge over DePaul
  • $72.56 for the score of the road game at Butler where Marquette clinched the outright Big East regular season title this season

Or whatever other whacky ideas pop into your head, it’s up to you! Wanna get crazy with it and donate $1,000? That’s between you and your accountant, my friend.

There’s no timeframe where you have to make your donation, other than it does have to be a new donation after 3pm CT on Sunday. Want to make it right now and then circle back on Monday night? Cool! Want to wait until during the show to hit the submit button? That’s okay, too! We’ll keep the space going as long as there’s people who want to chat, so make your plans and clear your calendars now!