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Upgrade Your Marquette Gear For The NCAA Tournament With BreakingT!

Looking for a new comfy shirt to wear as the Golden Eagles play their way through March? Here’s some very handsome looking options.

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Big East Basketball Tournament - Championship
Stevie Mitchell says to call your friends and tell them about BreakingT’s Marquette shirts.
Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Are you like me? Are you always looking for an option to represent/promote/whatever you want to call it Marquette basketball when out in public? Do you have a lucky game day shirt but maaaaaaybe it’s time to start looking for a new one because you start to suspect that it won’t hold up to another washing because you’ve been wearing it for so long?

Well, look no further than the options from the wonderful folks over at BreakingT!

I can personally vouch for the Lost In The Fight shirt, as my wife picked that one up for me for Christmas this year. It’s got a very nice soft and fuzzy fabric quality to it, and it lets everyone know that I am, much like Shaka Smart’s basketball team, lost in the fight.

Would you like a shirt to commemorate Shaka Smart’s celebratory hops? The man can get up when he’s excited:

And now that’s on a shirt:

Do you like your shirts to have a little bit more of a wordplay/pun vibe to them? BreakingT has you covered:

And on top of all of that, there’s an option for those of you that just want to make sure you get a shirt to mark the occasion of Marquette getting into the NCAA tournament, whether that’s for Shaka Smart’s team or Megan Duffy’s team:

Check out that official NCAA logo on there! Neat, huh?

There’s a couple more options if you want a more straight forward and evergreen Marquette look to your gear, so please head on over to BreakingT and give it all a look.

The important thing to remember is to visit any time you want to snag a classy Marquette shirt, and hey, you never know: Maybe there’s going to be a important moment in the not distant future that’s going to need a shirt to celebrate that, too. Keep that link in mind, and by the way, a couple of bucks lands in the official AE bank account every time you buy a shirt using!