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The Marquette Women’s Lacrosse All-Time Points Chart

Two Golden Eagles look to move past the 100 point mark in 2022.

Shea Garcia
Shea Garcia is poised to make a big leap in the list this season.

By now, you should be more than familiar with our series of regularly updating leaderboards for various Marquette Golden Eagles sports accomplishments. Keep checking back to that link in the previous sentence for our charts as the seasons continue to churn through history and MU’s various teams continue to create new memories and accomplishments.

Here, we’re going to talk about women’s lacrosse, and the all-time points chart.

We’re going to have to talk about the validity of records in the wake of the 2020 season being shut down. Marquette has two women on the roster this season — Shea Garcia and Lydia Foust — who were celebrated on Senior Day last season who have elected to return for their well deserved fifth year of eligibility. Good for them, good news for the program, etc.


Shea Garcia is going to take a run at Grace Gabriel’s all-time points record this season as a result of her bonus season of action. Garcia currently sits at 158 career points thanks to a 63 point season in 2022. Gabriel’s record, set at the end of her tenure in 2019, is 199 points. If Garcia throws up another 60 in 2023, that gets her to 218 and the first ever 200 point career for a Marquette women’s lacrosse player. Gabriel got her number in 70 career games while Garcia is already on 61. Matching her points per game from last year will move Garcia to just 189 career points by the time that she gets to 70 career games to match Gabriel, and Marquette has 17 games scheduled this season.

Is Shea Garcia going to have an unfair advantage on breaking Gabriel’s record? Yes. Is the goal of having a women’s lacrosse team to eventually play 19 games and play for a Big East tournament title? Yes. Is the goal to play in the NCAA tournament regularly and get to 20, 21, 22 games a year? Yes. Is there, down the road somewhere, a Marquette player who is going to play in 80 career games in four years because of that? Yes. So, yeah, it’s a liiiiitle unfair that Garcia is going to play (at least) 78 games in five seasons and probably go sailing past Gabriel. But the point of doing this is to get someone to go sailing past 70 career games played, so it’s not the worst thing.

Lydia Foust starts off her fifth season of eligibility tied for the ninth most points in program history. I doubt that she’s going to put up 70-something points this year and crack past Gabriel, but she did have 58 a year ago. A 60 point season would move Foust past everyone except for Gabriel as well as wherever Garcia lands. Unfair to everyone that she’s passing? Maybe, but also #2 all-time Megan Menzuber had a fifth season of eligibility herself, so eh.

Mary Schumar enters 2023 at #14 all time thanks to tying MU’s single season points record in 2022. That accounts for 67 of her 80 career points, and she will presumably become Marquette’s 14th 100 point player at some point this season. If she puts up another 60 points this year, Schumar will go rocketing into the top 10 all time, depending on where Foust is at the time.

There are four women on the roster that we had on the list last year that we will continue to monitor. Emma Soccodato needs 13 points to pass Madison Kane for 15th place all-time, and she had 38 last season. Meg Bireley had 39 points as a freshman in 2022, which is fantastic, but even bettering that with 40 points is going to keep her out of the top 15. Still, at this point, it’s just a matter of time before she gets in there. We’ll also wait to see what happens with Hannah Greving and Leigh Steiner. Both women suffered early season injuries last year that left them on 43 and 31 points respectively. Greving had 16 and 22 points in her first two seasons with Marquette, while Steiner had 27 points as a freshman in 2021. Could be big rebound seasons in store, could be still getting back to 100%, could be anything in between. Greving is just 25 points away from Madison Kane, while Steiner still has a ways to go with 37 between her and Kane. If both women are healthy and ready to go in February, then they both have a chance to make a splash in this list.

IN SEASON UPDATE! (3/22/23): I’ve added Tess Osburn to the list. She’s up to 23 points through eight games of her Marquette career. Yes, she’s 45 points away from Madison Kane’s now-current spot at #16 all time. No, it’s not going to be long before she gets there. May as well watch the rocket fly.

Here’s what the chart looks like at the end of the historic 2023 season.

Marquette Women’s Lacrosse All-Time Points Chart

Rank Player Points
Rank Player Points
1 Shea Garcia 220
2 Lydia Foust 205
3 Grace Gabriel 199
4 Megan Menzuber 178
5 Claire Costanza 169
6 Mary Schumar 169
7 Riley Hill 154
8 Cate Soccodato 142
9 Amanda Bochniak 138
10 Allison Lane 130
11 Julianna Shearer 128
12 Charlotte McGuire 122
13 Caroline Steller 114
14 Meg Bireley 104
15 Hayley Baas 103
16 Emma Soccodato 85
17 Hannah Greving 72
18 Madison Kane 68
NR Leigh Steiner 67
NR Tess Osburn 41