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Marquette Player Profiles

2020-21 Player Review: #23 Jamal Cain

The senior from Michigan bided his time at Marquette and finally got a chance to shine in his final season as a Golden Eagle.

2020-21 Player Review: #33 Dawson Garcia

The freshman big man was as good as advertised.

2020-21 Player Review: #4 Theo John

We pay tribute to the final season of the most dominant MU shot blocker in two decades.

2020-21 Player Review: #5 Greg Elliott

Credit must be given to the guy who was the most fun player on the team to watch this past season.

2020-21 Player Review: #2 Justin Lewis

The freshman from Baltimore had a nice first season in Milwaukee.

2020-21 Player Review: #10 Symir Torrence

We put a bow on the Syracuse native’s career as a Golden Eagle.

2020-21 Player Review: #55 Jose Perez

Easily one of the weirder first years as a Golden Eagle that we’ve seen in a long time.

2020-21 Player Review: #12 Dexter Akanno

And so, we talk about the short Golden Eagles career of the California native.

2020-21 Player Review: #13 Oso Ighodaro

I’ll be honest with you: This isn’t going to take very long.

2020-21 Player Preview: #55 Jose Perez

And now! It’s time for A SURPRISE ENTRY to the Player Previews!

Marquette Player Preview: #25 Koby McEwen

Does anyone know what to expect from the redshirt senior?

Marquette Player Preview: #4 Theo John

We get one final year of the best rim protector that the Golden Eagles have had in decades.

2020-21 MBB Player Preview: #5 Greg Elliott

Can the redshirt junior from Michigan stay healthy?

2020-21 Player Preview: #23 Jamal Cain

Can the senior from Michigan take a big step forward for the Golden Eagles?

2020-21 Marquette Player Preview: #10 Symir Torrence

What can we expect from the Syracuse native in his second year with the Golden Eagles?

2020-21 Marquette Player Preview: #12 Dexter Akanno

What has a redshirt year done for the California native’s development?

2020-2021 Player Preview: #21 D.J. Carton

The Ohio State transfer looks to have a big role on a rebuilding team

2020-21 Marquette Player Preview: #2 Justin Lewis

Let’s talk about the third and final true freshman on the roster, shall we?

2020-21 Player Preview: #13 Oso Ighodaro

What can we expect from the freshman from Arizona other than hoping that a nickname of Bear sticks?

2020-21 Player Preview: #33 Dawson Garcia

What should we expect from the top 50 prospect?

2019-20 Player Review: #2 Sacar Anim

The Final Review Honors goes to the redshirt senior because he led the team in minutes

2019-20 Player Review: #0 Markus Howard

The greatest scorer in Marquette history nicely ended his career with his finest season.

2019-20 Player Review: #25 Koby McEwen

By far the most confusing player on the Golden Eagles this year

2019-20 Player Review: #1 Brendan Bailey

A potential for stardom was curbed by inconsistent performances, but it’s not too late for Bailey to blossom

2019-20 Player Review: #4 Theo John

Let’s look back at how the blocking machine played during his junior year.

2019-20 Player Review: #23 Jamal Cain

The junior looking for a chance to break out might have earned himself a chance to do so.

2019-20 Player Review: #5 Greg Elliott

Would we think of this season better if there wasn’t an injury break in the middle of it?

2019-20 Player Review: #34 Jayce Johnson

What can we say about MU’s grad transfer and his only season playing for the Golden Eagles

2019-20 Player Review: #10 Symir Torrence

What can we say about the first season in Milwaukee for MU’s only freshman?

2019-20 Player Preview: #0 Markus Howard

His senior year is all about padding his legacy

2019-20 Player Preview: #2 Sacar Anim

MU’s fifth year senior potentially has a big role to play on this year’s squad.

2019-20 Player Preview: #4 Theo John

We’ve seen what he can do. How much more will we get this year?