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Marquette Player Profiles

Men’s Basketball Player Preview: #1 Kam Jones

What’s the ceiling for a guy who led the Big East champion in scoring as a sophomore?

MBB Player Preview: #4 Stevie Mitchell

Will we see more of the same from MU’s defensive specialist, or will he get pushed for minutes by his teammates?

2023-24 MBB Player Preview: #23 David Joplin

Will the 2023 Big East Sixth Man Of The Year have a bigger impact with a bigger role as a junior?

Men’s Basketball Player Preview: #2 Chase Ross

After a good freshman year, what kind of jump will we see for the sophomore guard?

2023-24 Player Preview: #22 Sean Jones

Can the Golden Eagles’ resident speedster make use of his natural gifts to have a big sophomore season after injuries slowed him down last year?

2023-24 MBB Player Preview: #21 Ben Gold

What happens if the big Kiwi can take up a bunch of OMax’s minutes this season?

MBB Player Preview: #5 Tre Norman

The big question isn’t how talented is the top 100 prospect, the question is how much space is in the Golden Eagles rotation for him.

2023-24 Player Preview: #10 Zaide Lowery

Is there space in the rotation on the wing for the freshman from Missouri?

MBB Player Preview: #21 Al Amadou

We start our look at the individual players on the roster by going to the freshman who comes first in alphabetical order.

2022-23 Player Review: #11 Tyler Kolek

What better way to wrap up the reviews than with the Big East Player of the Year?

2022-23 Player Review: #13 Oso Ighodaro

The big Arizonan’s contributions on both ends of the floor had a big impact on the Golden Eagles.

2022-23 Player Review: #1 Kam Jones

Generally speaking, it’s a pretty good season when you’re a sophomore who leads the Big East champion in scoring.

Player Review: #12 Olivier-Maxence Prosper

When the season ended, I don’t think anyone expected this review to be about a potential first round NBA Draft pick, and yet here we are.

2022-23 Player Review: #4 Stevie Mitchell

How do we evaluate Marquette’s defensive menace in his sophomore season?

2022-23 Player Review: #23 David Joplin

Let’s dig in to what happened to earn the sophomore the Sixth Man Of The Year award in the Big East.

2022-23 Player Review: #5 Chase Ross

Let me just say if what we saw this season was merely scratching the surface for the freshman from Texas........ LOOK OUT

Player Review: #22 Sean Jones

Do we have to split our look at the freshman guard’s season into before and after his wrist injury?

2022-23 Marquette Men’s Basketball Player Review: #21 Ben Gold

How did the big New Zealander’s first season in North America go?

Men’s Basketball Player Preview: #11 Tyler Kolek

Yep, the Rhode Island native is the returning leader in minutes per game. What’s his ceiling for this season?

2022-23 Player Preview: #12 Olivier-Maxence Prosper

Everyone’s favorite Canadian Golden Eagle had a perfectly nice first season in Milwaukee. What’s next?

2022-23 MBB Player Preview: #1 Kam Jones

Is it Kam Jones Time in Milwaukee?

MBB Player Preview: #13 Oso Ighodaro

And now, we discuss perhaps the most intriguing part of the Golden Eagles’ returning core.

Marquette Player Preview: #4 Stevie Mitchell

The sophomore guard carved out a spot for himself in the rotation last year, can he expand on it this year?

2022-23 MBB Player Preview: #23 David Joplin

Finally we get around to talking about a guy that we saw play for Marquette last season.

2022-23 MBB Player Preview: #40 Keeyan Itejere

How much of a difference did a redshirt season make for the big man from North Carolina?

MBB Player Preview: #10 Zach Wrightsil

Is the 2022 NAIA Player of the Year the biggest mystery on the roster this season?

Player Preview: #5 Chase Ross

What’s the best case scenario for the Texan on the roster this year?

Men’s Basketball Player Preview: #22 Sean Jones

How much will pure speed help the Ohio native earn playing time as a freshman?

2022-23 Player Preview: #21 Ben Gold

We start off our run of Player Previews with the tallest of the three freshmen, although that’s not how we sorted them.

2021-22 Player Review: #10 Justin Lewis

It’s time to wrap up both our Player Reviews for the season as well as Lewis’ tenure as a Golden Eagle.

2021-22 Player Review: #22 Tyler Kolek

It was a dizzying season of ups and downs for the sophomore from Rhode Island.

2021-22 Player Review: #32 Darryl Morsell

How do we feel about the lone season in Milwaukee for the grad transfer from Maryland?