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2013-2014 Player Preview: #10 Juan Anderson

Welcome back, Mr. Anderson.

Fun Fact: This is the same picture I used for his review last year. There's not a lot of good pictures of him.
Fun Fact: This is the same picture I used for his review last year. There's not a lot of good pictures of him.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, that's the last Matrix joke I'm making, I promise.

It's not often that you see a guy who started 89% of his team's games 1) elect to leave in the offseason 2) elect to return in the offseason, and 3) find himself with the third fewest average minutes amongst returning players. But that's what we have with Juan Anderson. He found himself in the starting lineup in the Erik Williams Memorial Technically A Starter spot in the lineup as he would start games on the court in order to protect Jamil Wilson from committing a foul for five-ish minutes.

Head coach Buzz Williams said on at least one occasion that he tried to put Anderson into a game, but he refused, telling Buzz that Wilson was playing like a crazy person and shouldn't be taken out of the game. So we know he's a great teammate and willing to make the sacrifices to make his team better. Which leads me immediately to...

Minimum Expectation: Juan Anderson would be perfect for the Trent Lockett role. Look at what Lockett did last year: played defense, grabbed rebounds, was right where he needed to be in crucial spots. Now compare Lockett & Anderson physically. Doesn't Anderson look like a slightly thinner, slightly longer armed Lockett? 7 points, 5 rebounds, a well timed block here and there, 33% from behind the three point arc? Sounds like fun, right? Who wouldn't want to sign up for this right now?

Wildest Dream: Anderson's move to the backcourt/perimeter unlocks his potential and he becomes a match up nightmare for teams instead of being a little too thin to be able to hold his spot against more physically imposing players. He's comfortable absorbing some of the offensive load that the perimeter guys are going to need to bear in order to keep the front court guys free to do their business. I'm not going completely bananas here, but 10 points, 7 rebounds? That's a pretty good junior year, right?

Worst Nightmare: It turns out that Anderson came back because he was comfortable at Marquette, not because he can contribute to this team. We've seen the best of what he can do, and for this team, all that ends up being is providing depth.