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2013-2014 Player Preview: #0 Jamil Wilson

We wrap up our Player Previews with the Big Kringle himself.

Jamil Wilson is MU's leading returning rebounder, but he must develop the rest of his game for the Golden Eagles to succeed.
Jamil Wilson is MU's leading returning rebounder, but he must develop the rest of his game for the Golden Eagles to succeed.

Ok, so let's play a game.

It's called "Which Is The Real Jamil?"

Is it "held to single digits in scoring in eight of the 2012-13 season's first 14 games" Jamil?

Or is it "12 points/5 rebounds per game in the last 15 games" Jamil?

Is it "2-12 including 0-2 behind the arc through 38:57 of the NCAA game against Davidson" Jamil?

Or is it "Buried two monster triples in the last 63 seconds to spur an absurd comeback that nearly killed Rubie" Jamil?

Thus is the riddle of Jamil Wilson.

This has been the majority of the last two seasons of watching Wilson play for Marquette. We all keep waiting for that stretch, whether it was a possession or two, or a minute or two, or even longer in the case of the entire NCAA tournament game against Miami, where Wilson is very clearly the most athletic, most versatile, most prolific, and most dominant player on the floor.

But there's the rest of his time on the floor where he's just not at that level. Is it by choice? Is it by interest level? Is he deferring to his teammates? Is he thinking the game through too much? In any case, it's his senior season and Wilson is part of the three headed monster (WilOxTule? Nah.) that will determine exactly what Marquette can accomplish this season.

Minimum Expectations: This one's kind of weird. First: start every game. According to Buzz Williams at yesterday's media availability, that's still up in the air. There's no reason why this can't be a thing, because I refuse to believe Buzz isn't going to start his senior with the most returning minutes on the team. Moving on to more usual items, Wilson fell just short of averaging a 10/5/2 last season, so really, 13 points/5 rebounds/2 assists can't be that outrageous, really. Any improvement on his 44/36/74 shooting line would be nice, but it's not that important. Those are pretty good numbers.

Wildest Dream: 16 points, eight rebounds, two assists, three blocks against a Miami team that had the 29th most efficient defense in the country according to He can do it. This can be a real thing that happens on a regular basis. We'll take a bit of the edge off and say 15/7/2/1? That's still going to have him in Big East Player of the Year conversations.

Worst Nightmare: He is what he is: An excellent complimentary player that can be called upon for a moment or two, but can't corral his athletic ability into dominance on the court.