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Marquette Player Reviews

WBB Season Wrap-Up: The Seniors

We take a look at the year that was for Altia Anderson and Isabelle Spingola.

2018-19 Player Review: #0 Markus Howard

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times for the Big East Player of the Year

2018-19 Player Review: #10 Sam Hauser

We take a look back at the third and final season in blue and gold for the elder Hauser brother.

2018-19 Player Review: #2 Sacar Anim

What did we get from the Minnesotan this year?

2018-19 Player Review: #22 Joey Hauser

What did the younger Hauser accomplish in what became his lone year donning the Blue and Gold?

2018-2019 Player Review: #4 Theo John

Our certified baptizer made some strides this year

2018-19 Player Review: #21 Joseph Chartouny

How did Marquette’s latest grad transfer fare in his lone season in Milwaukee?

Player Review: #30 Ed Morrow

How did the big man’s first season in blue and gold go?

Player Review: #1 Brendan Bailey

We started with no expectations for the freshman. Where did we end up?

2018-19 Player Review: #23 Jamal Cain

Things did not go the way we thought that they might for the sophomore from Michigan.

2018-19 Player Review: #12 Matt Heldt

Our beloved Milkman sails off into the night. Godspeed

2017-18 Player Review: #30 Andrew Rowsey

Quite honestly: A historically great final campaign from the Virginia native.

2017-18 Player Review: #10 Sam Hauser

The sophomore from Stevens Point was likely Marquette’s most consistent performer.

2017-18 Player Review: #0 Markus Howard

Boy Wonder continues to be Boy Wonder

2017-18 Player Review: #2 Sacar Anim

The redshirt soph had a quietly pretty great year.

2017-18 Player Review: #12 Matt Heldt

The Milkman delivers.

2017-18 Player Review: #5 Greg Elliott

I don’t know about you guys, but I think the freshman from Detroit had a pretty good year.

2017-18 Player Review: #23 Jamal Cain

We keep on chugging with the second of the three freshman reviews.

2017-18 Player Review: #4 Theo John

A pretty decent season for the freshman big man. Could it have been better? Probably, but that goes for most players.

2017-18 Player Review: #21 Harry Froling

It was a failed experiment, but that’s okay.

2016-17 Player Review: #10 Sam Hauser

Yep, the freshman from Stevens Point led the team in minutes played.

2016-17 Player Review: #25 Haanif Cheatham

Buckle your seat belts, this one could be kind of rough.

2016-17 Player Review: #23 Jajuan Johnson

We reach the third and final senior with two more reviews still to come after him.

2016-17 Player Review: #40 Luke Fischer

We take a look back at the final season for the Wisconsin native.

2016-17 Player Review: #22 Katin Reinhardt

Well, this ought to be a barrel of laughs to read and/or write....

2016-17 Player Review: #0 Markus Howard

Well, this guy was certainly a revelation this past season.

2016-17 Player Review: #30 Andrew Rowsey

I’d say the junior transfer from Virginia erased all doubts about his ability to play at this level.

2016-17 Player Review: #1 Duane Wilson

And now we turn our attention to the final player review for the newest Aggie.

2016-17 Player Review: #12 Matt Heldt

Off we go into the wild blue yonder of this year’s player reviews.

2015-16 Player Review: #13 Henry Ellenson

We wrap up our review series for the year by taking a look at the man who will be selected in the NBA Draft on Thursday.

2015-16 Player Review: #25 Haanif Cheatham

It's time for the penultimate player review, as we take a look at the freshman from Florida who didn't quite get enough attention for his play this year.

2015-16 Player Review: #1 Duane Wilson

It's time to take a look at possibly the most disappointing individual season on the roster.