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Marquette Professional Warriors

We check in with Marquette alumni plying their trade in the world of professional sports.

TBT 2022 Preview: #2 Golden Eagles vs #3 Red Scare

If the Marquette alumni want to advance to the regional final, they’re going to have to beat the Dayton alumni in Dayton.

And Exhale: #2 Golden Eagles 77, #7 Ohio 1804 72

The Marquette alumni team let their first round TBT game get waaaaay more interesting than it needed to get, but a win’s a win.

TBT Preview: #2 Golden Eagles vs #7 Ohio 1804

The Marquette alumni team takes a crack at keeping their TBT quarterfinals streak alive with this first round game in the Dayton Regional.

Your Marquette In NBA Summer League Viewing Guide

All the former Golden Eagles on a roster, all the start times, and all the television assignments, all in one place!

Justin Lewis Agrees To A Two-Way Contract With The Chicago Bulls

The Marquette sophomore forward was not selected in the 2022 NBA Draft.

How To Watch: The 2022 NBA Draft

It’s time to spend an evening waiting to hear Justin Lewis’ name get called.

Golden Eagles Earn #2 Seed in The Basketball Tournament’s Dayton Region

The full bracket was released on Wednesday, and so now we know the Marquette team’s path to a regional championship.

Where Is Justin Lewis In NBA Mock Drafts?

The draft is coming up on Thursday night, so things are starting to lock into place.

Marquette’s TBT Team Finalized Their 2022 Roster!

Well, probably, there could still be changes, who knows?

Deonte Burton & Kaleb Wesson Join The Marquette TBT Roster

Because if you can’t trust the guy who does the official TBT podcast, who can you trust?

Your Marquette In The 2022 NBA Finals Viewing Guide

We’re all here to cheer for the Warriors.

Justin Lewis Will Remain In The 2022 NBA Draft

If you’re surprised by this, well, I’m glad to hear that you’re out of your coma and healthy.

Your Marquette In The NBA Conference Finals Viewing Guide

We’re down to just two former Golden Eagles left in the NBA playoffs.

Viewing Guide: MU In The NBA Conference Semis

Do you prefer Second Round or Conference Semifinals for this part of the playoffs?

Your MU NBA Playoffs 1st Round Viewing Guide!

Who’s ready to watch a bunch of Marquette guys in high stakes basketball games? THAT’S RIGHT, YOU ARE.

Marquette Makes Its Presence Felt at the NBA All-Star Game

Marquette found itself right in the middle of much fanfare during the NBA’s All-Star Weekend.

How To Watch: Hiedeman & Connecticut In The 2021 WNBA Semifinals

The Sun are the top seed in the WNBA Playoffs and are facing the Chicago Sky in the best of five semifinals.

That’s A Wrap: #3 Boeheim’s Army 73, #1 Golden Eagles 69

The Marquette alumni will not become the second team to win consecutive titles in The Basketball Tournament.

TBT Quarterfinals Preview: #1 Golden Eagles vs #3 Boeheim’s Army

We get a old Big East rivalry game with a spot in the semifinals on the line.

TBT 2021 Recap: #1 Golden Eagles 88, #5 Autism Army 75

The Marquette alumni have extended their quarterfinals streak in TBT to six straight without a single miss.

TBT 2021 Preview: #1 Golden Eagles vs #5 Autism Army

Can the Marquette alumni reach the quarterfinals for the sixth straight summer?

TBT Recap: #1 Golden Eagles 71, #9 Playing For Jimmy V 64

The Marquette alumni stood strong to a challenge and ran away with their sixth straight TBT victory on Monday afternoon.

TBT 2021 Preview: #1 Golden Eagles vs #9 Playing For Jimmy V

Two teams that cruised in the first round meet up less than 24 hours after their Sunday game ended.

TBT Recap: #1 Golden Eagles 94, #16 B1 Ballers 66

The Marquette alumni ran away with the game in the second half to kick off their TBT title defense!

Your Unofficial Marquette In The 2021 NBA Finals Schedule!

We’ve got a former Golden Eagle on one side and MU’s arena partner on the other. NEAT.

Your Unofficial Marquette In The 2021 NBA Playoffs Conference Finals Schedule!

We’ve got one former Golden Eagle still in search for an NBA title.

Carton & Garcia Invited To G League Elite Camp

The event at Wintrust Arena could lead to an invite to the NBA Combine.

Golden Eagles Announces The 2021 TBT Roster

Or, well, at least most of it, it appears.

Your Unofficial Marquette In The 2021 NBA Playoffs Conference Semifinals Schedule!

Or, the second round schedule, if you prefer, for every former Golden Eagle still kicking it in the tournament.

Marquette’s TBT Team Fixed Their Very Not Good Name Change

And it only took two days of being told it was bad.

The Marquette Alumni Basketball Tournament Team Made A Bad Name Change

It’s really bad, and not in the "I don’t think that’s a fun name" way.

Your Marquette In The 2021 NBA Playoffs 1st Round Schedule!

Every team with a former Golden Eagle, every game, every day, every TV network, all in one place!