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Who Wants To Design A Soccer Scarf?

We'll file this one under "Things I Probably Wouldn't Be Good At Doing." But maybe you are!

Maggie Bean/

You may have already noticed that our Big East compatriots Xavier are holding a contest to design their new basketball court.  While I think that they already have a winning design, I also recognize that Marquette doesn't need to hold a contest like that.  The Bradley Center and Al McGuire Center playing surfaces are iconic and unique enough the way that they are.

But, what Marquette does need is a new design for the 2014 soccer scarves.  And thus, they've turned the design process over to you, the loyal fans.

You can do whatever you want with the design, and is kind enough to provide you with not only a template to work with, but also the Marquette Soccer logo and the Marquette monogram.

Here's the most recent scarf to give you an idea of what you can do and also what to avoid, since that's already been done.


The other side looks the same, except without the soccer logo and with soccer stitched in block letters on the ends underneath the monogram.  If you need ideas on how to use various MU mottos and slogans, take a gander at the scarves that US Soccer handed out for the most recent men's national team World Cup qualifying series.

All designs must be submitted by June 4th, so you don't have all that much time.  Your design can be sent to Shea Hansen in the marketing department by either emailing her - - or by mail at the McGuire Center if you're more of a tactile designer.  The address to use is Marquette Athletics Attn: Shea Hansen 770 N. 12th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233.  If you've got a slick design, be sure to share it on the social media avenue of your choice with the hashtag #MUSoccerScarf!