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#19 Marquette Volleyball Preview: at DePaul Blue Demons

The Golden Eagles take a quick trip down to ChiTown to take on the Blue Demons of DePaul.

DePaul v Connecticut
Please, someone take a picture of DePaul’s mascot soon so I can stop using this 14 year old Getty picture.
Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty ImagesI

Your nineteenth ranked Marquette Golden Eagles took care of Xavier with ease this past Wednesday, as they took the match 3-0. None of the three sets were particularly close as Marquette was firing on all cylinders. Also, quick shoutout to Allie Barber for being an absolute boss on the court and recording over 1,000 career kills. Not much has changed since we last talked on Wednesday, so let’s get talking about DePaul.

Big East Match #6: at DePaul Blue Demons (4-12, 2-3 Big East)

Date: Saturday, October 6, 2018
Time: Noon CT
Location: McGrath-Phillips Arena, Chicago, IL
Video Streaming: DePaul All Access
Live Stats: Sidearm Stats
Twitter Updates: @MarquetteVB

First I have a PSA. I HATE writing about DePaul. You wanna know why? Because I hate having to capitalize the “d” and then add a lowercase “e” and then we’re going back to capitalize the “p” again. I don’t even understand why the “p” has to be capitalized. You think my lazy ass wants to capitalize the “p?” You’re damn right I don’t. If it’s someones last name I totally understand because it’s how it’s pronounced, but you don’t see us putting any extra emphasis on the “p.” Anyway, sorry for the rant. DePaul just is not very good, but what do we expect when it’s not women’s basketball, it’s DePaul. They’re standing at 4-12 with two of those wins being Big East wins over Butler and Georgetown. We already saw Marquette destroy Georgetown so I gotta good feeling about this one.

Leading the offense for DePaul is Emma Price who is averaging 2.42 kills per set. Price has been the main target for most of the season, but DePaul can just never seem to get the ball rolling. On the other side of Price is Claire Anderson who is averaging 2.14 kills per set. MU head coach Ryan Theis should not be worried at all about blocking schemes because anyone who he puts on the floor will be perfectly capable of blocking these two.

Setting for the Blue Demons is Natalie Hayward and Katie Dolan. Again, like Xavier, DePaul doesn’t have a full time setter and it seems whoever gets to the second ball first will set it to either Price or Anderson.

Like I said before DePaul stinks. This match will be a clean 3-0 sweep, just like the last three meetings and eight of the last nine, and the team probably be back home in Milwaukee in time to enjoy a nice All-American Rejects concert brought to you by Marquette’s Homecoming committee.