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Marquette Volleyball Maintains Votes In The AVCA Poll

Not all of them, mind you, but they maintained their spot in the receiving votes department.

Marquette volleyball

When Marquette volleyball slipped from #25 in the country to one spot outside the AVCA top 25 over the past two weeks, I had a bad feeling about this week’s new poll. After all, MU was slated to face two top 10 programs on Saturday and Sunday, and odds were long that the Golden Eagles were going to even go 1-1. As somewhat expected, Marquette lost to Kentucky and Wisconsin over the weekend.

The AVCA voters? Not easily swayed by high profile losses.

As it turns out, Marquette snagged 41 points in this week’s brand new top 25 to remain the unofficial #26 team in the country. That’s less than half of the 99 points that they had last week, so it’s not all sunshine and lollipops around here. The fact that Marquette has stayed steady in the overall national picture is what’s important here. Colorado is the #25 team in the country this week after earning just 64 points in the poll, and yes, it’s wild to think that last week’s MU point total would have been good enough for #25 this week. South Carolina is the team behind Marquette in the Receiving Votes department with 32 points.

Both Kentucky and Wisconsin stayed steady in the poll this week, which is actually more impressive for Kentucky because they lost to the Badgers the day before they beat Marquette. Wisconsin sits at #2 in the rankings with 1,547 points and 11 first place votes, while Kentucky holds on at #8 with 1,066 points. Creighton is the lone remaining team on Marquette’s schedule that is earning top 25 votes this week. The Bluejays come in at #17 in the poll this week, two spots better than they were last time out.

Marquette returns to action this coming weekend when they host the incredibly creatively named Marquette Invitational. Texas-San Antonio and Wright State are on the docket for a mid-day and night time start on Friday, while Northern Iowa will be MU’s opponent on Saturday night.

You can check out the entire top 25 right here.