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The Case For Kansas To Join The Big East

It increasingly seems that the Jayhawks are going to get left out in the cold. Why not warm themselves by the fire of the best basketball-focused conference in the country?

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Marquette Wheel of Coachin': March 2021 Edition

The 2021 Coaching Search: A DO NOT HIRE List

Let’s talk about the people who the Golden Eagles should avoid when filling the vacancy.

Will Markus Howard Be An NBA Draft Pick?

We find out tonight, and we might have to wait a while for it to happen....

The Case For Retiring Marquette Volleyball Numbers

We’ve seen a bunch of all-time program greats come through lately, but do any of them deserve to have their number retired forever?

Be Prepared For A Whole Lot More Of Steve Wojciechowski

Money is math and the math says Wojciechowski isn’t going anywhere, no matter what anyone thinks.

Report: Marquette Withdraws From The Hall Of Fame Tip-Off Tournament

Well, that’s going to change a few things, I suppose. Or is this because some things have changed?

The NCAA Approves A Spring Calendar For Fall Sports

And so, we start to get an idea of exactly how crazy go nuts this coming spring might be here on this website.

The Countdown To The Cancellation Of 2020 Fall Sports At Marquette

I’m just going by the timeline that the NCAA set down.

What Would It Take For A Big East Bubble For Fall Sports?

It worked for TBT, it’s working for MLS, NBA, and WNBA..... why not the Big East?

Should MU Hang A Banner For TBT’s Championship?

No, but seriously, but also not seriously, but also seriously.

UConn Has Returned, And They Want Their Recruits Back

The Huskies have struggled in men’s basketball over the past few years while their regional Big East rivals have flourished. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

It’s Becoming Clear That Marquette Has A Retention Problem

What exactly is causing that problem? I have no idea, which only makes it worse.

Brendan Bailey Declares For The NBA Draft

Calm down it’s not that serious

AE’s Official 2020 Big East WLax Preseason Award Picks

We keep inching closer to the start of the season.....

The NCAA Could Be Doing So Much More For Women’s Basketball And They’re Not

There’s a big difference in tournament evaluation for men’s and women’s basketball.

2019-20 Preview Roundtable: What Will Be The Biggest Surprise?


Unscientific Predictions: 2019 Big East WSOC Awards

The regular season wraps up on Thursday, so let’s see who might end up with trophies when it’s all done.

I Presume Zed Key Is Not Taking His Marquette Official Visit

A little bit of putting the clues together here, but it seems pretty obvious to me.

What The European Tour Lineups Can Tell Us About The Upcoming Season

I swear this isn’t clickbait, there’s actual logic involved

Unscientific Predictions: 2019 Big East WSOC Preseason Awards

Who are the names to know in the league this coming season?

What’s Next For Recruiting After Justin Lewis?

The Golden Eagles still have at least three, maybe four scholarships to use for the Class of 2020.

Marquette To Host Purdue In The 2019 Gavitt Games

No, this is not an article from 2017.

National Writers Really Like Marquette In 2019-20

At least that’s what the Way Too Early rankings are telling us.

Apparently Marquette Is In The Transfer Market

The Golden Eagles do have a scholarship sitting open right now.

What’s Up With MBB’s Non-Con Schedule In 2019-20?

We know some games, but not a lot, but also maybe the only important ones.

Evaluating Possible NCAA Tournament Matchups For Marquette

It’s all about the matchups when it comes to surviving and advancing

If The Big East Tournament Started Today.....

Where would teams be seeded if action at Madison Square Garden was tipping off right now?

MBB Bracketology Outlook: 2/13/19

It’s been nearly two weeks since we did one of these, so let’s dial up some internet and see what’s what.

Predicting The 2018 Big East Women’s Soccer Postseason Awards

There is a heavy Georgetown influence on these picks, and for good reason.

Your AE 2018-19 Big East Men’s Basketball Preseason Awards

We passed out some ballots and here’s what turned up.

Let’s Take A Look At Volleyball’s Postseason Profile

Shoutout to the NCAA and their publicly accessible Team Sheets database.