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That's What They Said

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Kam Jones & Stevie Mitchell start a podcast

My favorite part about this is the Marquette Wire logo in the corner. Student Media FTW!

AE Talks MU Hoops With The Show: 11/2/23

November 2nd marks the start of a season long weekly series!

Your AE Big East Men’s Basketball Preseason Poll!

Media Day is on Tuesday, so it’s time to talk about what we’re going to see for awards at Madison Square Garden.

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Field of 68: "Shaka Smart's BEST team!"

The text of the tweet promoing the video: Marquette: The only team in the high major ranks that hasn't added a Division I transfer in the last two summers. Was this the right move? Should Shaka Smart have done something different?

That’s What They Said: Royce Parham Commits To Marquette

Learn how cake fits into all of this.

Your Marquette Men’s Basketball Way Too Early Preseason Poll Tracker

After finishing the season ranked #6 in the AP poll, the Golden Eagles should be expected as a tippy top team for next season.

The Inquisition: On All Things Vermont With Vermont Cubs Fan

We’ll talk about head coach John Becker, who’s the team MVP, whether their center is Big Man or Tall Man, and finally, a brief tour of Burlington restaurants.

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Paint Touches: 'Done Deal' Was A Blessing In Disguise

Just go read it!

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RANKING: Student Appreciation Prizes

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Inside Lacrosse Video Breakdown of MLax Transfer Grant Evans

Grant Evans is a Division 3 grad transfer who is joining Marquette this spring, and this video shows how his ability to win faceoffs can turn into quick offense.

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Daly Dose Of Hoops On Marquette Men's Basketball

Friend Of The Show Jaden Daly reports in from Carnesecca Arena after MU's victory over St. John's.

AE Talks MU Hoops With The Show: 11/3/22

It’s the first of a season long weekly series!

The 2022-23 AE Big East Men’s Hoops Preseason Poll!

Media Day is next week, so it’s time to show you our own ballot for the conference’s top honors heading into the season.

That’s What They Said: It’s Wojo Rehab Season!

Noted Duke grad Seth Davis from The Athletic is first in line to try to rehab the former Marquette head coach’s image.

Tony Bennett Needs To Keep Marquette’s Name Out Of His Mouth

Karma Police, arrest this man

The Inquisition: On All Things Wisconsin With Bucky’s 5th Quarter

For deep insight into the Badgers, we turn to our best resource of Wisconsin-related information.

2021-22 Preview Roundtable: What Are Your Expectations?

The Golden Eagles are young, inexperienced, and have a new head coach. What do you want to see from them?

2021-22 Preview Roundtable: Assists Leader?

Someone has to end up with the most, that’s how stats work

2021-22 Preview Roundtable: Biggest Impact Transfer?

Two grad transfers on bonus years of eligibility plus two normal transfers, with all four likely needing to have a big year for the Golden Eagles to have success.

2021-22 Preview Roundtable: Biggest Impact Freshman?

The Golden Eagles have five first year players on the roster. Who is going to shine the most?

2021-22 Preview Roundtable: Who’s The Starting Five?

Some spots are seemingly obvious, some are most definitely not.

2021-22 Marquette Preview Roundtable: Key Things To Watch?

Is it offense? Is it defense? Is it something tangible?

2021-22 Preview Roundtable: Who’s The Leading Rebounder?

It seems there are two leading obvious candidates.

2021-22 MBB Preview Roundtable: What’s Your Excitement Level?

Let’s take the temperature of the room heading into Shaka Smart’s first season, shall we?

2021-22 Preview Roundtable: Who’s The Leading Scorer?

I mean, someone has to be, right?

That’s What They Said: Chase Ross Commits To Marquette

People seem to be very high on what the newest Golden Eagle brings to the team.

Reactions To Jonas Aidoo Committing To Marquette

What kind of player are the Golden Eagles getting in their newest commitment?

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Interview with Stevie Mitchell

Here's the description of the 22 minute interview: Stevie Mitchell joined Zach "SchuZ" Schumaker to breakdown his commitment to Marquette, who else he would like to add to the 2021 recruiting class alongside Kameron Jones and himself, why he loves investing so much time into his community and what it is like carrying on his uncles legacy by being named after him.

That’s What They Said: Stevie Mitchell Commits To MU

Let’s read about all the nice things that people had to say about the newest Golden Eagle.

That’s What They Said: Kameron Jones Commits To Marquette

Let’s see what we can dig up about the newest Golden Eagle.

AE Podcast: Special Guest Charles Pierce

The lead political writer for Esquire and Marquette fanatic answers Ben and Pat’s questions about the history of the program.

That’s What They Said: Dawson Garcia Commits To Marquette

Admit it: You want to know what people are saying about the third best Marquette signee in this century.