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The Admiral's Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee For November 10, 2014

The Admiral returns from out from whatever rock Rubie trapped him under to provide you with a Monday morning burst of Marquette links and, of course, Too Many Cooks.

Morning Coffee: New Year's Eve Edition

Marquette stuff, U2, and music from The Dismemberment Plan.

Morning Coffee: Empty Resume Edition

Marquette talk, Anchorman 2, Steve Martin, and music from Slade.

Morning Coffee: Another One Bites The Dust Edition

Marquette talk, Christmas cookies, Community, and the Pogues.

12.9 Late Morning Coffee

Marquette-UW stuff, a little Jennifer Lawrence, a little Sesame Street, and a music video from Haerts.

4.29 Morning Coffee

Marquette links, schedule talk, new music from John Michael Rouchell, and Empire Strikes Back.

3.25 Morning Coffee

Tons of Marquette links, Dunk City, Star Wars, Giancarlo Esposito and The Heavy.

3.22 Morning Coffee: OH MAN Edition

Yeah, I think you know what we're talking about this morning.

3.18 Morning Coffee

Celebrating a 3 seed, and other assorted tomfoolery.

Morning Coffee: 1.28 Edition All Bat, All The Time

So many bat jokes, so little time.

1.14 Morning Coffee

Marquette links, Jennifer Lawrence, The Muppets, and Frank Turner.

Morning Coffee: 1,500 Edition

Marquette links, Zombie Christmas, Mike Daniels, and Horsticide.

Morning Coffee: So It Begins Edition

Marquette links, Rick Majerus, Badger Hate Week, and Mellowmas

Morning Coffee: Stuffed Edition

Marquette links, Winnie Cooper, LEAGUES, and Jesus takes the wheel!

Morning Coffee: 1-0 Edition

Marquette links, James Bond, Alison Brie's kitty, and Duke sucks.

Morning Coffee: Almost Here Edition

Marquette links, Big East soccer champs, Star Wars, 1955, PopTarts, and Delta Rae.

10.29 Morning Coffee: Sandy Edition

Marquette links, Bob Ross, Dumbo, and Wreck-It-Ralph

10/22 Morning Coffee: Tired of Waiting Edition

November 9th is 18 days away. The season is almost here.

Morning Coffee: Other Teams Edition

Marquette links, Hillary sneaks a peak, HotTug, and The Admiral's doppelganger.

Morning Coffee: Almost Madness Edition

Marquette links, save Rubie Q from soccer and Huskers

The Morning Coffee: House Organ Edition

In this week's edition: Badger Hate Week comes early for the Huskers, plus: The Promise Ring, Jerel's a Raptor, and bad singing.

9.17 Morning Coffee: #getTRbackonbeat Edition

The Admiral is back on the Coffee, with links on Marquette's schedule, Al's Run, and the search for a new beat reporter for Marquette basketball at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

9.10 Morning Coffee: Pumpkin Spice Latte Edition

Marquette links, college football embarrassment, The Sandlot, and Christina Aguilera.

9.4 Morning Coffee: Insert Creative Title Here Edition

Marquette links, Nick Offerman, dog shaming, and Jay-Z performs with Pearl Jam

Monday Morning Coffee: Down Goes Monarch Edition

We round up the Marquette-related news from the week that was, with a heavy dose of reaction to assistant coach Scott Monarch getting fired and Buzz Williams getting a one-game suspension.

8.20 Mid-Day 5 Hour Energy: Back At It Edition

Marquette links, MST3K, Olympic GIFs, and a brief recap of food adventures.

8.6 Morning Coffee: Curiosity Edition

Marquette links, Curiosity, adorable animal babies, and Team Unicorn.

7.30 Morning Coffee: Replacement Edition

Marquette links, pop music stinks, Nebraska football unis, and the worst Star Spangled Banner ever.

7.23 Morning Coffee: Edison Out Edition

Marquette links, Jay Bilas, Penn State, Iko Iko and Hipster Olympics

7.16 Morning Coffee: Overslept Edition

Marquette links, Mumford & Sons, Toadies, Star Wars and a double steal.

7.9 Morning Coffee: Hey, Hey, Hey Edition

Marquette links, Delta Rae, Dark Knight Rises, and beer cocktails

7.2 Morning Coffee: Yawn Edition

Marquette links, Erin Andrews, Gaslight Anthem, plus Bob & Doug McKenzie