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The Admiral's Morning Coffee

6.25 Morning Coffee: Old People Edition

Marquette links, half marathon bro-fests, Alison Brie, dumb teenagers, and Chunk from Goonies.

6.18 Morning Coffee: Community College Edition

Marquette links, Kate Upton, MC Chris, and The Greatest Thing Ever

6.11 Morning Coffee: Back To Normal Edition

Marquette links, Meet The Admiral, Winnie Cooper, and Seawolves

6.4 Morning Coffee: Chew On This Edition

Marquette links, Jukebox The Ghost, Game Of Thrones, and GLAZED DONUT VODKA!

5.29 Morning Coffee: Y'all Betta Recognize Edition

5.21 Morning Coffee: Nothing Edition

5.14 Morning Coffee: Nothing Happened Edition

Marquette links, NBC sucks, Johnny Carson, and Duck Dunn.

5.7 Morning Coffee: Lockett Up Edition

Marquette links, MCA, Trebek, Lord Albert, and nightmare fuel

4.30 Morning Coffee: Monkey Edition

Marquette links, monkeys, movies, and Wiffle Balls.

4.23 Morning Coffee: Nonsense Edition

We bring you transfer talk, Tuna Scrape, Alison Brie, and Bran Van 3000.

4.16 Morning Coffee: Thanks Edition

Marquette links, CCOKC, Alison Brie, Tupac and Natalie Portman is HAWT.

4.9 Morning Coffee: Pinch Hitting Edition

4.2 Morning Coffee: One Last Time Edition

3.26 Morning Coffee: Super Silly Season Edition

3.23 Morning Coffee: It's Over Edition

3.22 Morning Coffee: Gameday Edition

A truckload of Marquette links, tattoos, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and AC/DC.

3.21 Morning Coffee: Silly Season Edition

Marquette links, Community, tiny hands, and M83.

3.20 Morning Coffee: Thanks Edition

3.19 Morning Coffee: Back to Back Edition

Tons of Marquette links, 21 Jump Street, Jay Cutler, a bear, and Toto.

3.16 Morning Coffee: Racers Edition

3.15 Morning Coffee: Madness Is Here Edition

3.14 Late Morning Coffee: Jesuits > Mormons Edition

More Marquette links, Guinness, Tim Dillard and The Muppets.

3.13 Morning Coffee: Waiting Edition

We've got even more Marquette links, Garbage Pail Kids, strippers, and Gus Johnson.

3.12 Morning Coffee: Madness Is Here Edition

A truckload of Marquette links, 311, The Shins, and donut tacos.

3.9 Morning Coffee: Anomaly Edition

Marquette links, Community, Ron Swanson, tubas, The Lone Ranger, and Gertie.

3.8 Morning Coffee: Wait Is Over Edition

Marquette links, a caption contest, pork donuts and nightmare fuel.

3.5 Morning Coffee: What Took So Long Edition.

2.27 Morning Coffee: Dancing Double Bye Edition

Marquette links, Mr. Rogers, Milla, and of course, John Denver.

2.20 Morning Coffee: Jaemazing Edition

Marquette links, Marquette memes, and a shoutout to a lost Milwaukee legend.

2.13 Morning Coffee: 5 To Go Edition

Marquette basketball links, the Grammy Awards, Kate Upton, and The Admiral gets shmoopy.

2.6 Morning Coffee: Super Bowl Babies Edition

Marquette links, Hari Trivedi and that one song from the Chevy ad.

1.30 Morning Coffee: Second Place Edition

Marquette links, Jesuits, Irish booze and music by Sugar & The Hi-Lows.